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Adopt a Grandfather has launched the first app that connects generations in which volunteers can connect with grandparents from anywhere in the world, make calls and video calls, schedule visits or book events. The application can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store. In addition, the app allows you to control activities and visits in real time. Thanks to encrypted call protection and profile verification, the safety of both parties is guaranteed at all times.

The algorithm developed ensures the best match between volunteers and grandparents based on interests, hobbies and availability, giving priority to the elderly who receive less support. Older people who participate in the program live in residential centers and in private homes. Currently Adopta Un Abuelo is trusted by more than 250 residences and large groups such as ORPEA, Amavir, Colisée or the Madrid City Council.

Alberto Cabanes, CEO and founder of Adopta Un Abuelo points out that “digitization is essential to face the social challenges of the 21st century, so we are clear that the app is a tool that will allow us to fulfill our mission of accompanying all the elderly of the world”.

Adopt a grandfather, accompanying since 2014

Adopt a Grandfather is an intergenerational companion program for older people who are at risk of loneliness. The goal is to make them feel heard, accompanied and loved while the volunteers learn values ​​and life experiences.

The program was born in 2014 and, since then, it has become a social movement, being awarded more than 20 times in terms of entrepreneurship and social innovation at the national and international level. To date, they have provided more than 44,000 company hours to more than 3,500 adopted grandparents thanks to their community of more than 5,000 volunteers.

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