The art of combining clothes wisely and visually reducing one size

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The clothingBesides being a powerful means of non-verbal communication, it has the ability to improve our image in just a few seconds. It is not about acquiring the best brands or the latest trend garments, but about understand the shapes of the figure of each one to acquire coherent bases that allow finding the appropriate cuts.

Choosing a print, a color The a style of clothes can cause a completely different effect depending on the silhouette. A real challenge for many, since if one attends to the trends of the moment and to that is added the wide range of brands it is difficult to choose what feels best, especially if you don’t have certain notions of fashion.

Choosing a nice dress or a blouse that at first glance is attractive is not enough, you have to take into account a series of key points that some of the most prestigious stylists in the sector have shared with ABC Style. Although each one has their preferences, they agree that the key is in themselvesbe aware of our body type and dimensions, and for this there is nothing better than taking measurements and taking them with us when shopping, a great help when it comes to visually looking more stylized and elegant.

Monochrome looks never fail
Monochrome looks never fail – © Gtres

Tricks that do not fail

Jesús Reyes, author of the style guide ‘Alter Ego’ and CEO of CoolHunting Madrid Comunicación, explains that within female silhouettes there are certain types that it is good to identify. The most common are inverted triangle (more volume in the upper body), triangle (women with wide hips, also known as ‘pear’ type), column (tall and thin women), oval Y Hourglass.

The latter is the most balanced and, therefore, is the one that you want to achieve visually with the outfits. «But let’s remember that all sizes are normal, each woman is unique and different. We just want to balance each body to feel favored “, he points out.

Likewise, Reyes shares a series of tricks to consider to achieve it. First, resort to prints in the area of ​​the body to which you want to add volume, since the primary objective is to compensate, hide and enhance the parts that we like the most. For triangle-shaped bodies, he advises the garments with large shoulder pads (bomber jackets, ‘bikers’, jackets …), which make the figure visually harmonize.

Shoulder pads and openings, a very recurring alternative
Shoulder pads and openings, a very recurring alternative – © Gtres

In the oval bodies, He thinks that the best silhouette to work with is the Hellenic cut -those dresses, for example, with a waistline below the chest- and, if possible, without prints. “This silhouette shortens the upper waist and your legs seem to be longer and narrower,” he explains. He adds that in these types of figures, the choice of footwear must be taken into account: “ankle boots with short skirts or round toes are forbidden for women with little height, they visually subtract a lot of height and are the ones that least stylize”.

For those who follow the column pattern, Reyes advises playing to add volumes, while for those of Hourglass marking the waist should always be the starting point. ‘This dress makes me look like a wasp’, a common phrase. When you feel that this is the case, you will be right with your proposal, “he concludes.

High waist pants: yes
High waist pants: yes – © Gtres

Decalogue of style to visually decrease a size

For its part, The stylist Benedetta Perazzo transmits a very simple decalogue that, in his opinion, everyone should apply to their outfits to improve the figure and, above all, to look and feel better with oneself. These are their tips:

1. Resort to looks monocolor, both in two pieces and in one piece (such as a dress or a jumpsuit).

2. Choose to vertical lines both in cuts and prints in order to add a few centimeters to the figure and choose fluid and light fabrics.

Ankle boots in the same color as the stockings and the total black look are always a success
The ankle boots of the same color as the stockings and the total black look are always a success – © Gtres

3. Never add ruffles or extravagant details in the areas that do not want to highlight.

4. Use dark tones to minimize attention in conflictive and clear areas in which they want to stand out. Among her favorite shades are black -the ‘total look black’ never fails-, brown, navy blue, purple, emerald green and khaki.

5. When it comes to necklines, his favorites are lV-necks, dropped shoulders, boat neck, Bardot and halter.

6. High-waisted pants and matching footwear so that the leg appears ‘infinite’, and as far as possible, not show too much the ankles.

7. A-shaped skirts to define the waist, and if it is somewhat narrower add a side opening.

Jackets at the waist with large shoulder pads cannot be missing
Jackets at the waist with large shoulder pads cannot be missing – © Gtres

8. Go for pointed shoes and no bracelet They are in nude tones, in the event that you go with your leg uncovered so that they merge with the skin and lengthen them. If stockings are worn, the ideal would be to wear them the same color.

9. Regarding the accessories, opt for belts of the same color as the pants or skirt as well as earrings, pendants and XXL bags.

10. Regarding fur, thinks that the midi manes and the collected ones are the most successful.

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