The Athletic fan who jumped from a traffic light, admitted for a lung perforation

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According to account this Thursday The Basque Newspaper, the fan of Athletic who jumped from a traffic light during the preview of the final of the Copa del Rey He is admitted to the hospital after suffering a lung perforation as a result of the fall. The image of the incident was one of the most talked about of the day last Saturday that concluded with the Real society lifting the Cup title at La Cartuja de Sevilla.

The young man, according to this same information, would have suffered a broken rib that caused a perforation in the lung. Judging by the images, the rojiblanco fan tried to jump over the crowd gathered in the streets of Bilbao, but ended up crashing to the ground. Although he got up and gave symptoms of being just a scare, continuing even with the party, shortly after he began to feel unwell and ended up going to the hospital.

It was not the only image that went ‘viral’ during the day. The presence of so many fans, both in Bilbao and in San Sebasti├ín, was the subject of many criticisms, as the safety distance had not been respected. In fact, the Ertzaintza He deployed the riot police in the area and carried out some charges in the face of the violence that was taking place with the burning of containers and roadblocks. By the time of the game, the situation had already been resolved.

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