The Balearic Islands back down and will no longer be able to impose a purchase price on large apartment owners

Mayte Amorós



New controversy with the housing policy of the Balearic Government. The insular Executive has modified its Decree-Law 3/2020, of February 28, of urgent measures in the matter of housing, due to its possible unconstitutionality. In this way, the Government of the socialist Francina Armengol You will not be able to impose a purchase price for the houses on the large owners nor will you be able to sanction them administratively for rejecting a social rental proposal.

The decree, approved shortly before the start of the pandemic, obliges banks to offer social rent before evicting, establishes the cession of public land to build VPO with private resources and gives preference to the Government to intervene in operations between large owners through the trial and error option.

The agreement with the central government, published today Thursday in the Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands (BOIB), includes a total of six points on interpretive issues or commitments by the Community to modify the text.

One of these commitments affects purchases by trial and error by the Government in operations between large holders. The decree, validated in April 2020 by the Parliament, grants the Government the preferential right of purchase when a large holder intends to sell their homes to another large owner. However, from now on the Executive of Armengol will not be able to set the price and the purchase conditions. The modification of the regulations will establish that the right of withdrawal will be exercised for the same price and with the same circumstances in which a sale and purchase would take place between the large owners.

It should be remembered that the insular Government has already exercised this right now modified in a purchase operation of eight floors by trial and error. There were eight floors of Banco Sabadell for which the regional executive paid the same price offered, with an average of 112,576 euros per home. In this sense, the Government of Francina Armengol maintains that eThese acquisitions will be maintained throughout this legislature with the aim of increasing the park from the Balearic Housing Institute (Ibavi).

Another of the modifications affects the point that requires large landlords to offer social rent before executing an eviction. The text should clarify that, once the social rental offer has been made, if those affected reject it the owner will not be administratively sanctioned.

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