The bangs paraded in curtain is the fashionable haircut in this 2021


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If with the beginning of the year the desire to update the haircut also comes but you are not looking for a radical or very risky change of look, the fringed bangs in curtain It is a very good option, the preferred one at the moment by celebrities and influencers. As Ana Alcázar, stylist at The Beauty Concept Hair salon explains, “it’s the fringe 2021 trendIt is open in the middle and leaving the sides long, so that it integrates better with the mane. Penélope Cruz, Nuria Roca, Sara Carbonero, Macarena García, Edurne or Ana Milan, among others, have already signed up for this hairstyle.

Among its advantages, Gema Eguiluz, senior stylist at the IN-Viso salon, points out that «It is the most flattering bangs, whatever your face and your hair type. It is also perfect for all the people who have never cut it and want to experience a change.

The stylist Álex Sestelo adds another advantage, as he assures that «it is the fringe that remains years without spending hours in front of the mirror ». And we can still add one more, because if whoever wears it gets tired of it it is very easy to disguise, since having the longer sides it is easy to integrate it with the rest of the hair using a hairpin or fixing gel, or simply replacing the part in the middle with a side part.

The actress Macarena García with fashionable bangs.
The actress Macarena García with fashionable bangs. – Gtres

What care does the bangs need?

The bangs become excellent allies for hide a broad forehead, a blemish, acne, or a scar. In addition, they help to update the haircut without having to vary its length. But, despite all its benefits, the bangs also have some drawbacks. Gets dirty faster than the rest of the hair and can reach generate fat on the skin, especially if your hair is oily.

If you don’t want to wash it daily, the stylist Gema Eguiluz recommends «use dry shampooIt especially helps if you do sports or have oily skin, because the bangs get more dirty than the rest of the hair.

To style the fringed bangs, you can blow dry and use your fingers to give it that informal touch that characterizes it. Ana Alcázar, from The Beauty Concept Hair, advises “not to use finishing products” to avoid getting dirty sooner.

How often do you have to trim your bangs?

If you want to maintain the initial length of the fringed fringe, the one left by the hairdresser when cutting it, you have to go to the hairdresser every few weeks. According to the stylists, for symmetrical bangs it is advisable to go every three or four weeks, to prevent their length from bothering the eyes and interfering with vision. In the case of the bangs paraded in a curtain visits can be spaced more, because, as we have explained, it is easier to hide and integrate with the rest of the hair.

Cutting your bangs at home is one of the most frequent temptations, but stylists do not advise it. «Trimming a bangs may seem easy but it is not when you do it yourself and also you don’t know how to do it. If you have cut badly or too much, there are only two things you can do: hide it in the meantime with the rest of the haircut and make an appointment at the hairdresser to have it fixed. Luckily, hair grows ”, explains Raquel Saiz, from the Blue Room, in Torrelavega (Cantabria).

The stylist adds that, in these cases, in addition to the hairpins to create a semi-collected back or to the side, the poorly cut fringe can also be combed to the side so that it blends in with the rest of the hair, use a headband and , for important appointments, the wet effect gets you out of any hair trouble in complete safety ».

Can you wear this fringe with curly hair?

The bangs are also for curly hair. Gema Eguiluz in fact believes that «in long curly hair, the fringe favors because brings movement al look final».

Regarding what type of bangs to choose in the case of curly hair, Raquel Saiz advises that «it always looks better with layers, because they emphasize even more its natural vitality and that is why short curly bangs are combined with those with longer measures ”.

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