“The benefits of joint custody are real if the family qualifies for its success”

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Joint custody does not guarantee that there are no harmful effects of divorce, since this model guarantees good results for the children with a lower degree of parental conflict and absence of emotional difficulties, according to data from the dean María José Catalán, based on recent Spanish studies, presented at the College of Psychologists of the Region of Murcia.

“It is necessary to work on family models that guarantee a good structure and quality in the relationships of its members, rather than having to confine themselves to a type of family structure,” stated the Dean of the College of Psychologists in the Commission for General, Institutional Affairs, of the European Union and Human Rights, reports Europa Press.

In this sense, Catalan has indicated that there is still much to work on in real equality programs. “It is essential that children and adolescents maintain relationships with their parents after the breakup, as well as with extended families, and that they are educated in equal responsibilities“, has manifested. «It is necessary to indicate in capital letters a family structure that meets the global needs of children, and consider situations with a gender perspective, being very attentive to possible situations of imbalance of power, the existence of unreported gender violence, as well as of the existence of mistreatment of children “, says this expert.

Likewise, it considers that not all families would benefit from a certain type of custody, “being necessary, first of all, educate children in an environment of equality and adapt coexistence due to rupture to the specific needs of the family in a tailored suit for each one ”.

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María José Catalán has highlighted that legal regulations should include these issues, as well as psychological intervention for families immersed in extreme conflict, necessary to be able to get out of the situation and avoid the suffering of the children. “The benefits of joint custody are real if the family meets the requirements for its success,” he concludes.

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