The best natural pools in Spain to say goodbye to summer


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Spain lives not only on idyllic beaches. Traveling through some of the main mountain ranges of the country offers not only a large number of hiking routes with an exuberant nature as a backdrop, but also hides great gems in which to cool off, a series of natural pools that have nothing to envy of the calm waters of the Mediterranean. Taking a dip in one of these five enclaves is to immerse yourself in a state of complete calm. So that, If you want to change the umbrella and the hammocks for the shade of a tree and the beach bars for a family picnic, with a pleasant temperature, these corners interest you.

Saying goodbye to the summer with a brief getaway to one of these destinations will allow you to gather strength to face the return to school with other spirits.

Charco Azul de Chulilla, Valencia

If what you are looking for is a perfect snapshot for your Instagram, you should not miss it the Blue Charco of Chulilla, a beautiful turquoise blue lake created in the 12th century by the Arabs to irrigate the surrounding orchards. This incredible haven of peace It is located in the Los Calderones Natural Park, next to the town of Chulilla. To get here you can take a circular route – about 3.8 kilometers long – that will allow you to admire the attractive landscape of the area that includes centenary carob trees, a green riverside forest, pine and scrub. In addition to taking a bath in this pool, you should not miss the suspension bridges route. This area is also highly appreciated by those who practice climbing through its spectacular ravines.

Chorreras del Cabriel, Cuenca

For a true spectacle of nature, Las Chorreras del Cabriel, a magnificent place formed by the river of the same name as it passes through the municipalities of Enguídanos and Villora. Declared Unesco Biosphere Reserve since 2019, This area of ​​jumps, waterfalls and pools of turquoise waters that do not need filters offers hiking trails, water sports and nature tourism, especially bird watching.

Those more prepared may choose to perform a 13.5-kilometer circular route through this part of the Serranía de Cuenca. It takes about four hours and the views it offers are priceless.

Pozas de Mougás, Pontevedra

Considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Pontevedra, the Pozas de Mougás they are a set of natural pools with crystal clear and clean waters in which to spend a most pleasant family day. They are located on the western slope of the Serra da Groba, between valleys and river basins. The best known of all by tourists is la Poza Grande, in which the water descends through a beautiful waterfall, but it is not the only option.

It is advisable to go early to get a place, as there are usually quite a lot of people. Very near here There is a recreational area with tables and fountains in which to organize a picnic and enjoy a good Galician empanada.

El Trabuquete, Cáceres

La Vera has a good handful of fairytale towns, walking routes that take your breath away, and natural pools whose cold waters activate anyone. Until Guijo de Santa Barbara you have to go to discover El Trabuquete, a pool located in the middle of the mountain, about 4 kilometers from the town, in which to take a dip while enjoying a unique environment.

It is important to wear good footwear and protection, since there is hardly any shade on the way and on summer days the sun hits hard. Those who want to continue the route up the mountain they can go as far as the Hermitage-Refuge of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves.

Image of the natural pool El Trabuquete
Image of the natural pool El Trabuquete – © Rocío Jiménez

El Charco Azul, El Hierro

For those who prefer to leave the peninsula, visit an island and discover postcard landscapes, El Hierro is. The smallest of the Canary Islands hides one of the most beautiful natural pools in the country, El Charco Azul. Located in The gulf, a town located in a steep valley, this bathing area sheltered under an imposing basaltic arch is the result of the multiple shapes left by the lava. The turquoise color of its waters and the breaking of the waves create a unique atmosphere in which to completely relax and lose track of time.

It is easily accessible, includes a wooden solarium and ideal areas for the most daring to jump into the water without danger.

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