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Bertin Osborne and Fabiola Martínez have become the protagonists of the week after announcing their separation after 20 years of love. This Wednesday, the press of the heart analyzes this unexpected break while the magazine “Semana” has an interview with the protagonist in which she opens up about the vain efforts they have made to stay together. “We have done everything possible, but it has not been possible,” says the Venezuelan.

The wear and tear in the day to day has been the detonator of the rupture as the singer himself confessed to ABC: «This decision is the best for everyone and for our children. We love each other very much, but we fight over nonsense many days, too much, they are nonsense but we both come to the conclusion that living like this is exhausting. They are unimportant but wearisome discussions.

On the other hand, Maria Pombo presents in the magazine «Hello! to his first son, Martín, with whom he posed for the first time at his home in Madrid. Lapo Elkann’s commitment to former Portuguese pilot Joana Lemos is another of the highlights of the weekly edition of the publication.

The cover of “Lecturas” stars, once again, Kiko Rivera with an interview in which he assures Mila Ximénez that her mother, Isabel Pantoja, owes him 3 million euros although he does not want him to go to prison again. “I have reasons to sue her, but I don’t want to put her in jail,” says the DJ. A new interview that further alienates mother and son and that comes days after the tonadillera took away the car that he gave to his granddaughters. The publication also deals with Rocío Carrasco’s lawsuit against Belén Esteban for revealing secrets.

Nagore Robles and Sandra Barneda they are the protagonists in the magazine «Diez Minutos». Television companies have started the process of becoming mothers, a sign of how established their relationship is after the downturn they had at the end of 2019. After four years of dating, they have decided to take this great step of starting a family.

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