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We love old-fashioned shopping because it’s our chance to find items of interest from previous seasons or decades. You may not be able to afford it at the time, you may be committing to a sustainable second-hand purchase, or you may just love the thrill of the chase, but whatever your reason, buying old designer pieces is a great way to earn points. The most interesting items possible is one of our favorite items to buy second hand bags, and is it any wonder that Chanel is our best choice?

Previously, buy 12 of our favorite Chanel old bags. Just because they are second hand does not make them cheap at all. These are still four-digit bags. But if you want to heal yourself, this is a great investment. As long as you keep your bags in relatively good condition, they are only valuable. Some are classic bags and some are more unique, but they are all coveted. Keep reading to buy our best!

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