The best swimsuit based on body type Guide 2022


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Browsing any brand or site on the Internet can be a daunting challenge when it comes to buying that “great” swimsuit. First you need to think about the requirements of your swimsuit. While you want something pleasant, stylish and comfortable, you also want it to make you feel the best. That often comes down to fitness and not all suits are made the same. To help you find clothes that you will be excited to wear all spring and summer, we have put together a list of the best choices available on the internet that are comfortable, fashionable and feel like they are made for you.

Previously, we divided the best types of swimsuits for each type of frame, from more curved shapes to sporty body types. Whether it’s a sexy bikini, a fun monokini or a classic belt, these models will surely be in your shopping cart. We personally love all the bold and one-piece neons. To get the do’s and don’ts of the experts, read on, find the right suit for you, and never hate buying a swimsuit again.

Additional Report by Christa Jones and Hannah Will McKinley

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