The best ways to get around Mallorca


Mallorca is a popular tourist destination – all packed on an island – with its plethora of leisure hotels, lively nightlife in Palma, and diverse scenery. However, one of the mistakes that people often make when visiting Mallorca is that they think it is small, just because it is an island, meaning that renting a Mallorca car with ROIG is a popular service.

Is Mallorca a walkable island?

The fact is that Mallorca is 3640 square kilometers and goes about 100 kilometers from east to west. But, while the island itself is a short walk away, they are isolated cities. Palma, the largest city, has a center about 1 km long, with various neighborhoods such as Bon Aires and Sun Damto being famous for their brand. You may be staying in a neighborhood a few miles away, but overall, 90% of the hotels are in the central area or in the adjacent bay.

If you are getting an airport shuttle to your hotel and you are not looking for many excursions in rural areas, it is very possible to rely on your feet in Mallorca. In addition, if you add a bike to your arsenal, you can explore far and wide – even at the top of the mountains – much more easily. Palma is also becoming increasingly fond of bicycles.

Car rental

While some smaller towns and villages are even more walkable, getting there and taking day trips is easily done by car. Palma Airport is the main place to find a car rental company where you can pay from 16 euros and up. Parking is usually available, but it costs a lot, and some of the older areas of Palma, with its many narrow, one-way streets, are difficult. However, renting a car is ideal for those looking for freedom to drive to villages and rural areas.

Low power motor

While it is easier to travel by motorcycle because it is smaller and to park, it is a story like renting a car – it is not needed when staying in Palma or even other cities on the island, but it can be useful. Between them. In addition, the cost is reduced to 6 euros per day.

Public transportation

Significantly, there is a bus network around most of the island. Of course, schedules are tight, with fewer and even fewer weekend trips. But, for 3 euros, you can get an Intermodal card and travel from one city to another relatively easily. Not surprisingly, there is no rail network on the island, but the bus network is sufficient for most of them.

Private transport

Another option is to take a taxi, as these are the easiest and most direct way to get somewhere. You may pay around 12 euros for a 20-minute trip, but it can vary depending on the day and time.

Private buses are very common during closed holidays and can take you directly from the airport to the hotel. These are ideal for those staying in the city and can even be done separately outside of the holiday package. They are spacious and designed to hold your luggage unlike public buses and can be cheaper than taxis.

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