The CEOE creates a macro platform to help companies access European funds

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The CEOE does the rest to try to avoid losing European funds along the way; the 140 billion expected to arrive from Brussels to recover and transform the economies of the EU. The employer’s association today announced the creation of a macro-platform to help Spanish companies access this money.

The organization has presented a new service to “bring the information of the funds to the Spanish company. And not only bring European funds closer together, but also all the public funds that exist in our country, both at the national level and in autonomous communities and local entities ”, according to José Alberto González Ruiz, its secretary general. In this way, the institution will publish on its portal daily all public contract tenders and calls for subsidies that are made; the employer, in this sense, expects the first calls to open already in April-May.

Every year, in Spain around 75,000 public contracts and more than 18,000 acts referring to subsidies are published. A sea of ​​tenders in which it is easy for companies to get lost or even not even detect them. Therefore, beyond making public the calls -which will be under the principle of competitive competition-, the CEOE platform will allow companies to mark alerts by email each time a contract or subsidy arises that may interest them. Likewise, one of the short-medium-term objectives set by the employers is not only to publish the acts of Spain but also of all the countries of the European Union. “Offer the possibility of accessing these tenders in other countries”, has commented the general secretary of the organization.

Beyond this, among the services launched by the institution there will be forums so that companies can intervene and find synergies between them to, for example, identify possible partners for a specific project. And they will also develop periodic online seminars in which “operational issues that may be of interest for the materialization and processing of funds” will be addressed, in addition to a newsletter mensual with aspects of interest in topics such as digitization or good practices in other countries.

Large companies, due to their resources, have greater capacity to deal with the procedures and knowledge regarding how to access the EU funds. Therefore, the CEOE It will also provide dedicated tips and guidance for SMEs so they have references on how to try to get a contract or grant. In addition, a board of directors will be set up on the macro platform with consultants, law firms and advisory firms that can be hired to attract European funds.

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