The change of look of Clara Lago that Charlene from Monaco already wore

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Clara Lake is in full promotion of the film ‘Chronicle of a storm’, a Spanish-Argentine production that addresses the dilemmas of the journalistic profession and that the actress has shot in the middle of the pandemic in Argentina. There I surprised a few months ago with a radical change of look from her natural brown to platinum blonde due to the script’s demands. Since then, the actress has maintained this tonality, a mix between the famous ‘ice blonde’ and the platinum blonde and it is that according to experts in the field “cool blondes” are more fashionable than ever.

But in the last days during the promotion in Spain of the film, Clara has gone one step further in her hair styling giving an even more risky touch to her look. The actress has surprised this week with a shaved side, a touch of ‘punk’ aesthetic which leads to remember the one who in his day also wore his own
Charlene from Monaco

Clara Lago and Charlene from Monaco with shaved hair
Clara Lago and Charlene from Monaco with shaved hair – © Gtres / ABC Style

«Fashion always revisits past times and the seventies bring this rebellious and groundbreaking inspiration from the ‘punk’ movement, albeit reversed. The combination of a long hair with waves and a shaved side is a trend. Not only do some celebrities wear it, it is also seen frequently on the street, “he explains Charo Garcia of Ilitia Beauty & Science in Balmaseda (Bizkaia). “Shaving is always surprising in a feminine hair, precisely because long hair is perhaps more associated with femininity,” says the expert.

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The new look in detail

Clara Lago's new shaved look
Clara Lago’s new shaved look – © Gtres

The blond, in different versions, is one of the most demanded hairdressing trends for this 2021. What the trends suggest is alternate different blondes or tones in the hair itself, the golds come into contact with ice nuances, but also with pastel tones that do more than enliven the fantasy.

«This look is amazing when we have an overwhelming personality and with the platinum blonde even more. It is made up of opposing elements and that is what makes it so special. On the one hand, the long flowing hair with surfer waves that provides naturalness. For another, dark roots that speak to us of unconcern and the shaved on one side for a groundbreaking touch. Everything as a whole is a reversal of the punk aesthetic that Clara Lago knows how to perfectly compensate with the clothes she wears “, she indicates Rachel Saiz of Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz in Torrelavega (Cantabria).

How to get it and keep it

LeBlonde Shampoo (€ 28.95) by GOA Organics, an honest and environmentally friendly hair firm
LeBlonde Shampoo (€ 28.95) by GOA Organics, an honest and environmentally friendly hair firm

The parameters of Clara Lago’s new hair are clear: blonde (with natural roots), with carefree waves and a shaved side. «To keep this look we will need to preserve the vibrancy of the ice cream with shampoos and suitable conditioners, as well as a color correcting shampoo at least once a week ”, explains M.ª José Llata ​​from Llata ​​Carrera Hair Salon from Santa Cruz de Bezana (Cantabria).

Regarding the roots theme, it will make its maintenance less demanding and can be extended in time. «Regarding the root growth We should not worry, that allows us to space the visits to the room. The shaved part it can become more or less marked, even a little more covered only visible when we pick it up, although the ‘mood of the look’ is to transgress, showing it, ”says the expert.

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Texturizing spray from the Platinum & amp;  Diamonds Luxurious by Miriam Quevedo (€ 40)
Texturizing spray from Miriam Quevedo’s Platinum & Diamonds Luxurious line (€ 40)

When combing it, shaving can be taught by taking all the hair to one side, concealing it by combing it to the side in question or even hiding with certain updos, as we have also seen the actress do on other occasions with a minimalist low bun updo. . To achieve the carefree vibe: «We will use a texturizer and we will take advantage of our natural texture if we have it wavy or curly. If this is our case, we will try to make the wave defined, but we will not use the diffuser to stretch the curl. To create them if you have straight hair, we will use updos such as braids with wet hair or flat irons with dry hair to create these flattering broken waves », explains Rafael Bueno de Rafael Good Hairdressers (Málaga).

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