The Covid, an ally for golf

M. A. Barbero



After the uncertainty caused by the appearance of the coronavirus A year ago and the problems of the first confinement, the sports world began to adapt to the new situation. Professional activities got used to the absence of an audience in the stands and amateurs dealt with the restrictions in different ways. There were those who had a very difficult time due to closures and quotas (such as indoor sports or gyms) and those who, due to the fact of being outdoors and with physical distance, were able to weather the storm and even continue to grow. It is the case of golf, which is now living a great moment. “It was difficult to recover the initial three months of confinement,” he points out. Gregorio gonzalez, director of Olivar de la Hinojosa – but then golf brought out its best qualities and we turned the situation around ».

Thanks to the good work of all the sectors of the sector (federations, clubs and professional associations) a very strict protocol was drawn up to avoid contagion that was praised by the rest of the sports. “We were very quick to react to the problem and the good thing is that the authorities saw that everything we said was true,” he says. Gonzaga Escauriaza, president of the Spanish Federation– because we are a safe sport, which takes place in the open air and in which infections are almost impossible with the rules we have ».

In the official tournaments are performed antigen tests and many people have come to daily golf who had left it and others who did not know it. “Given the difficulty of exercising in another way, golf has become a refuge sport because it is healthy, fun and you do not get infected, in addition to following all the instructions of the authorities,” says Escauriaza.

Thanks to this, there has been a 30% increase in licenses Compared to last year, which has quickly translated into a greater influx to the fields. “We have been at full capacity since June 2020 with a striking increase in new players who want to try golf,” says González. So much so that he recognizes that “in the Olivar we have not known anyone who comes to play for a long time, so many new people who are joining”.

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