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La Liga lives this weekend one of the most exciting days in recent years. The first four classified, all of them with options to win the title, are measured in direct duels. Tomorrow there is a Barcelona-Athletic, and on Sunday a Real Madrid-Seville. There are only six points between them, a scenario far removed from the rest of the major leagues in Europe. In Italy, Inter are already champions with 13 points away from the second. In England, the same thing happens with City, which this weekend could certify the alirón. And in Germany more of the same, where Bayern has a +7 advantage that could make them champion this very day.

They are the data that heads a League report in which he has shown his chest for the competitiveness and equality of the competition for more than five years, among other things, achieved by the joint negotiation of audiovisual rights.

In the last five years, LaLiga is the tournament that has the narrowest margin between the champion and runner-up among the five major leagues of Europe. Since the 2014-15 season, the average difference between the top two finishers is 6 points. In Serie A, it is 7’6 points. In the Premier, 10’5 points. In Germany, 11.8 points. And in France, 14.6 points.

There has been a downward trend since the famous 100-point leagues of Real Madrid and Barcelona, in 2012 and 2013, respectively. In fact, in 2012, won by the whites with Mourinho on the bench, on matchday 34 there were 37 points of distance between Madrid and the fourth-placed. Today, there are only six, and the title no longer requires even close to three digits to be conquered In the last two leagues, the champion was with 87 points and in the current one, at most it will reach 85.

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Since the 2014-2015 season, the League, together with the Bundesliga, is the one that has managed to qualify the most different teams for European competitions. A total of 13: Real Madrid, Barça, Atlético, Sevilla, Valencia, Athletic, Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Granada, Getafe, Espanyol, Betis, Celta. The Premier, Serie A and Ligue 1 have ‘only’ brought 10 different teams into Europe.

Also in the lower part the differences between the teams that fight for permanence are much narrower in Spain than in the rest. Here, the difference between the bottom (Eibar) and the 17th place (Valladolid), which marks the salvation, is 5 points. In Serie A it is 14, in the Bundesliga it is 17, in the Premier it is 19, and in Ligue 1 it is 20. This equality is better understood if we go to a data that offers a recent CIES study pTo justify that the Spanish league is the closest of the big five in Europe. In Spain, only 11.4% of the matches end with a difference of three or more goals for the winner. In Ligue 1 it is 15%. In the Premier, 17.2%. In Serie A, a 17’8. And in the Bundesliga, 20.9%.

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