The destinations for this summer of the Germans (this is the pulse Greece vs Spain)

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we do not know yet what summer will we have. From a tourism point of view, it will probably look more like 2020 than 2019. Perhaps that is why we look at the data and trends published by the large European agencies with so much attention, to try to anticipate what will happen. What are European travelers thinking? Will the British and the Germans return to Spain?

Regarding German travelers, the new ranking from TUI agency -leader in that market-, based on the current state of reserves, is an indicator to take into account. The Mediterranean beaches (nearby destinations) are starting again with an advantage, according to the German operator, with an evident pulse between Greece and Spain. “There will be a strong recovery effect, especially in the summer months, so during the July and August holidays it is very likely that the planes on many routes in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands will fill up quickly,” they say in a document released to the public. week. In contrast, “demand for long-distance travel remains moderate.”

Three pieces of information stand out at first glance:

-Mallorca, traditional leader in the preferences of German tourism, is now second, behind Crete, the largest island in Greece, which is at the forefront of this classification for the first time. In TUI’s comments, it is clarified that Mallorca “has the potential to return to first place at the last minute.”

-The Greek islands are bidding higher (three in the top 5) and, therefore, could snatch part of the “German pie” from Spain, always bearing in mind that the panorama may still change as the pandemic advances or recedes, the pace vaccination or promotions of each destination, among other variables.

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-Three of the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife) are in the top 10.

The 15 destinations for German tourists

1. Crete (Greece)

2. Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain)

3. Rhodes (Greece)

4. Cos (Greece)

5. Turquoise Coast or Turkish Riviera

6. Fuerteventura

7. Gran Canaria

8. Red Sea

9. Tirol (Austria)

10. Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)

11. Adriatic Sea

12. Bavaria (Germany). “Bavaria and the German Baltic Sea coast are more in demand than ever this year,” they say in Tui.

13. Baltic Coast

14. Lakes in northern Italy, especially Lake Garda

15 Algarve (Portugal)

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