The Duchess of Cambridge opts for a “bronde” mane

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The premiere of the fourth season of the Netflix series “The Crown” brings the British Royal Family back to the fore today, much to their regret, if we take into account the criticism that some people around them have made of the Serie. But Catherine of CambridgeApart from this controversy, she made her last public appearance showing her usual brown hair turned into a “bronde”, the most requested hair tone of the season. The word comes from the fusion of «brown» (chestnut) and «blond» (blond) and consists of applying blonde highlights on a honey or copper base, with a result similar to the one they had Jennifer Lopez O Beyoncé in the early 2000s.

According Eduardo Sanchez, director of the salon that bears his name, this light brown is very popular with natural chestnuts because it is brighter and more youthful. “Although the Duchess of Cambridge maintains a deep, sustained tone that remains true to her original brown, she has given it lighter highlights with very fine ‘baby light’ highlights that achieve an overall lightening effect.” “The objective of ‘bronde’ is to obtain perfect reflections and infinite shine so that it appears totally natural, as if your natural blonde has darkened or your brown has been lightened evenly”, adds the hairdresser Diana Doureo. “It’s as simple as adding light to a dark base, in the case of brunettes, or, conversely, darkening a lighter base in blonde hair.” The result: vibrant, intense, warm and light-filled hair.

For whom? «This shade is perfect for women like Catalina, whose base color is light brown or dark blonde, and they want to show off a lighter color without great compromise and avoiding a very marked root effect, ”says Sánchez.

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