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Training and learning abroad mark a key differentiation in the personal and academic sphere of current workers and new generations. Great fortunes, businessmen and personalities of society have long chosen to school their children for a course or longer periods in exclusive high-level schools in other countries.

The increasing rate of vaccination and the more optimistic forecasts for the rest of the year invite families to consider enrolling in this type of academic programs outside of Spain for the next school years. The options are various and range from taking just one term or one semester to studying at one of these prestigious schools for a whole year. with prices from 13,000 euros with accommodation included and, if you prefer with boarding options, from 30,000 euros.

These educational offerings have several advantages, starting with the total immersion of the student in the language, which generates an optimal learning environment, since practice is constant. These schools are also demanding, thus fostering cultures of effort and work, and its teaching methods allow for smaller classes and with more dedicated and quality care. Additionally, they not only train the student from an academic point of view, but also offer a wide range of activities and complete life experiences, allowing them to meet colleagues from all over the world and learn their cultures.

Astex, leader in Spain in language immersion courses abroad, has compiled some of the most popular destinations for celebrities, royal families and business leaders from around the world who have spent part of their formative stage abroad.

Swiss: this country is recognized for its educational quality and its multilingual environment. Swiss boarding schools offer a prestigious education, facilitating immersion in an elite environment in which social relationships take on a special relevance. It stands out for providing an international environment, with students from all over the world, in which to benefit, not only from learning English, but also French or German. It is a destination that many families also choose for its healthy environment and the possibility of enjoying numerous outdoor activities and the mountain environment, as well as winter sports such as skiing.

Among the students who chose to study in Switzerland we found Aldo Comas and his wife Macarena Gómez, who shared a school with Pierre and Andrea Casiraghi. They both studied at one of the most expensive schools in the world. Other members of royal families such as Rainier of Monaco and Baldwin of Belgium also spent part of their school years in prestigious Swiss boarding schools. The heir to the Inditex empire, Marta Ortega and the little daughter of former minister José Bono, Silvia Bono, are two Spanish acquaintances who have spent part of their academic career in Switzerland.

UK: It is an educational destination known mainly for its long academic tradition of recognized prestige. The more than 500 British boarding schools are distinguished by quality facilities and organizational discipline. Unlike Switzerland, in the UK the environment is mostly native, so the majority of students will be British.

In the case of Spain, the recent example of Princess Eleanor stands out, who for the next two years will study at a boarding school in South Wales. Previous years, Victoria Federica went to a private boarding school near London to continue her academic training for two years. Other well-known figures such as Emilia Clarke and Mark Zuckerberg, before going to university, spent part of their school years in private British boarding schools.

North America: the American academic system is characterized by a practical, dynamic and personalized education. North American private boarding schools offer the most advanced facilities and are pioneers in the use and application of technologies. The educational approach is motivating and emphasizes extracurricular activities and sports. In addition, it provides diverse options tailored to the needs of each student, from the brightest to those who need a more specific program. We discover familiar faces who have studied in these schools:

Our current King Felipe VI during his year prior to the University, studied in a private Canadian boarding school that 8 years before, in this same college in Canada, Prince Andrew of England studied.

Advice, a fundamental key

Astex specialists recommend expert advice when choosing a destination or boarding school for a school year. Among other aspects, it is important be clear about the objectives of the educational project for the student, as well as their profile, taking into account their abilities, strengths and motivations.

In addition, for many families the proximity and ease of visits to these centers are an important factor in choosing a destination in Europe, for example. The budget is also another condition when selecting both the institution and the duration of this educational stage. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that studies abroad They will have the appropriate validation with the studies in Spain or in other countries, so as not to jeopardize the academic and personal enrichment that this experience can provide.

On the other hand, these schools have a selective and rigorous admission process. They usually require a high academic level to show that these aspiring students possess a degree of commitment and responsibility. In the selection process, most of them take into account the academic record, recommendations from the previous center and the student’s level of English. In some cases they have their own entrance exams for which it is advisable to prepare properly.

If a family considers enrolling their children in this type of center, it is advisable start the process about six months in advance, and for those with greater academic prestige, the term is one year. However, the terms are flexible and present differences between some schools and others.

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