The Eloquii bridal collection is for every wedding


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If you are getting married soon, first of all congratulations! It’s an exciting time and one of the best parts of the experience is finding your dream dress. Or at least in theory. We’ve heard too many stories of brides who arrive at bridal shops or boutiques full of excitement, only to be disappointed by the fit and price of their dream dress. Plus, once you pick a dress, you’re usually locked into it months or even years before your wedding date. There’s no real option to change your mind unless you’re comfortable buying a brand new outfit. This is where Eloquii comes in.

This brand has released a new collection of wedding dress models in sizes 14 to 28. Each piece is under $900 and you can shop and try on from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t like something, you can return it with tags, and Eloquii has thought of every possible event, from a structured gown for a big event to a flattering suit for a court wedding or even an after party. Party and also pink and floral. Dresses you can wear to your bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or even your big day. There are no more rules. We spoke to creative director Yesenia Torres about her vision for the collection and why she thinks it’s a game changer for bridal fashion.

When discussing the ethos of the 50-piece collection, Torres points to its range in both style and size. “[It has] Some really nice classics with a twist and then some really spectacular pieces that you really can’t find anywhere else in this size range, but you can if you shop higher end stores for straight sizes.

The line really runs the gamut, with some classic and spectacular white dresses and others that are floral or even pink. “As a brand, we are known for color and print, so it makes sense that we have that in the collection. The touch of pink is a secret tribute to the customer; pink is one of the best-selling colors in the brand,” Torres points out. he does.

Filled with suits, mini dresses, and two-piece sets, this is a collection you can wear to any wedding-related event, including if you’re a bridesmaid or just a guest!

“I think and hope that this will change the conversation and the anxiety of finding the perfect wedding dress. Now you have the opportunity to have this wedding preview in your own home.”

One of the most impressive aspects of this collection is the price. Everything is under $900, which is almost unheard of in the bridal market. “You can still get incredible fit and quality at an affordable price. We really did some magic with these $900 dresses. There’s stylish detailing inside these dresses, there’s boning, there’s extra busts . We’ve also thought about modifications so that there are extra dresses. Gaps in the side seams and extra length in the hems, so it can be tailored for you and the customer can have a true wedding experience,” says Torres.

It is important to acknowledge the magnitude of the purchasing structure of this collection. For people of all sizes, finding a wedding dress can be mentally and physically difficult, and with this collection, shop online and try on from the comfort of your own home. “A lot of the positive experience is the psychological experience of not being able to buy something because it’s not your size… I think and hope that this conversation and the anxiety of finding the perfect wedding dress will change. You have the opportunity to preview this Have the wedding at your home.”

The entire collection is currently on sale at Eloquii, and these are 17 of our favorite pieces.

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