The end of the state of alarm increases hotel reservations

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The end of the state of alarm this Sunday will have a positive effect on the tourism sector. The foreseeable restoration of mobility throughout the country is increasing bookings in accommodation establishments, be they hotels, campsites or tourist accommodation. In the case of the former, although the hotel management Cehat does not yet have specific data, its general secretary, Ramón Estalella, in statements to Europa Press, said that he foresees «a very significant increase in mobility by the demand contained during these months “.

This will cause most of the trips to be, as happened last year, short and made by national citizens. This is confirmed by the online agency, whose data shows that the vacation sales grow 70%, being most of them made by domestic tourists. Of course, it also stands out that the prices are 30% cheaper than in previous years.

Sun and beach vacation destinations will once again be the winners during the summer months. According to data, destinations such as Lanzarote, Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza are receiving the most demand. It is not surprising that in recent weeks large hotel companies, such as Meliá, have announced the reopening of hotels located in those municipalities for the next few months.

Within the peninsula, the Costa del Sol, where at the moment the incidence of the coronavirus is lower than the national average, will also play an important role in the summer months. Yesterday, the vice president of the Board and Minister of Tourism, Juan Marín, estimated that Andalusia will receive «between eight and ten million of tourists ”, a figure that represents 40% more than in 2020.

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For their part, campsites also improve their forecasts in order to state of alarm. Specifically, data from the Spanish Campings Federation show that reservations for this type of accommodation have increased by 30%July and August being the months of greatest demand. The sector explains that a large part of the reservations are from novice campers and motorhomes who have decided to repeat after their first experience in 2020. Likewise, the sector is very aware of the opening of borders, especially with France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. which represent 30% of the summer clientele.

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