The fashion experts’ keys to avoid ironing white t-shirts

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Leaving aside the time of year and trends, if there is a timeless basic in the feminine dressing room, that is the white t-shirt. It is a comfortable and simple garment that adapts to all styles thanks to its versatility and the ability to reinvent itself year after year. With jeans, under dresses, combined with over-shirts or in shape of ‘crop tops’ and blouses, there is a white t-shirt for each one.

However, with such a light tone there is usually a problem that does not attract so much attention with the darker ones, and that is that you have to be more careful so that they remain intact both when it comes to avoid stains as when ironing.

A tedious task that most could be saved by taking into account a few simple formulas such as, for example, to spread them as wide as possible so that the fibers stretch naturally or take advantage of the natural steam from the shower (hanging them in the bathroom before putting it on) so that wrinkles are eliminated. But if you look at the fabrics and the way to wear them, you can also do without this task without the look suffering.

Alessandra Ambrosio is in love with white shirts
Alessandra Ambrosio is in love with white shirts – © Gtres

The choice of fabrics

Meanwhile he cotton, the lino and the satin they are more prone to creases and roughness. Models made from thicker materials such as acrylics or some varieties of nylon are less likely to wrinkle.

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The way to wear them

The way to combine them can be decisive when ironing them or not. In cases where it shows off inside the skirt or pants, when staying stretched it does not present as many wrinkles as if it looks more fluid. Considering that current trends advocate for designs with high waists, it is not very difficult to wear it this way. On the other hand, if you opt for a patterned design – even if you keep the base white – the attention will be diverted to that area so that if there are any wrinkles it will not be so striking.

Strategic knots

Although it may seem very risky, the expression that says that if you cannot with the enemy you have to join him is quite appropriate with this garment. A way to wear it that is not lacking in the ‘outfits’ of fashion experts is wear them knotted, either in the center or on the side. The perfect alternative to the iron with which it will also give styling an innovative and avant-garde air.

Olympia from Greece, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hailey Bieber, other fans of this type of garment
Olympia from Greece, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hailey Bieber, other fans of this type of garment – © Gtres

Play with accessories

Along with knots and patterns, another key point resides in the complements that are added, very appropriate to focus attention on the part you want. From XLL necklaces to adding a brooch or wearing a jacket over it.

Tips that never fail

And speaking of white shirts, once they have learned how to wear it so they do not have to iron it, a large percentage will most likely decide give them a new life and add it to more outfits. In this case, there are a series of tips from experts in the field that are very useful so that each time it looks as if it were new.

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Add sleeve hems

A classic that never fails and with which it will transform in just a few seconds. You can choose the number of turns depending on the length you are looking for.

Sofia Coppola and Katie Holmes advocate wearing them with high waists
Sofia Coppola and Katie Holmes advocate wearing them with high waists – © Gtres

Holes … and what else?

It seems crazy, but adding the odd hole to your shirt as if it were something of fate is one of the favorite resources on the networks, and in view of the results it seems a very interesting alternative for the daring. Of course, you should check that they are small and that they are in more or less discreet areas such as the sleeves, near the neck or at the bottom.

Paired with a shirt

In this case there is more freedom when combining them, but the most important thing is that the style looks relaxed and not forced. Favorite mixes come with jeans and midi skirts -Either pencil or with flight. The shirts that are best worn with these models for the summer months are those inspired by Safari, XXL and all those that are made of linen.

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