The five keys to choosing your children’s school


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Among the decisions that bear the greatest responsibility regarding the education of our children, one of the most important comes when choosing the ideal school in which to enroll them. Since they enter the academic sphere, it will be key in their training.

The educational center is not only the main axis of their life, but also, throughout their school years, they will lay the foundations of knowledge, forge their first friendships, project their values ​​and shape their personality.

For all this, Hastings School, one of the pioneer centers in British education in the Community of Madrid, addresses all the most important factors to take into account when choosing the learning center that best suits the needs of your children.

1. The educational projectIt must be based mainly on effort, initiative and autonomy.

2. Classes and teachers will determine the quality of teaching. Therefore, opt for reduced classes as a basis for personalized attention. Thus, with regard to the multilingual development of students, it will be relevant that the center preferably has native teaching staff.

3. The centre’s commitment to multilingualismIt will be essential when choosing it. In this way, our children will be able to become citizens with access to an international professional environment. In addition, its more humanistic side will be enhanced.

Once located in a multilingual context, the ideal is that the chosen center houses the possibility of choosing between two educational systems such as A-Levels or IB, which will allow international recognition with access to different universities around the world.

4. The resources available to the centers, are another hallmark of it and will be the driving force behind the learning process of our children.For this reason, we must consider the pedagogical and technological techniques available (digital screens, technology classes, laboratories, etc.)

5. Parents also play an indispensable role, not only outside the classroom, but also within it, as the core of our children’s education. Therefore, the center must allow a two-way relationship between parents and the faculty.

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