“The government’s tax reform will be a slab for employment”




The employers of the transport companies warn about the damages that the sector may suffer with the tax reform that the Government is preparing. In this way, the Business Organization of Logistics and Transport of Spain, warns that the tax reform prepared by the government “It will not achieve the objective of increasing collection and it can be a slab to reactivate our depressed job market,” says the president of Uno, Francisco Aranda.

“This is an unwise decision that takes us away from the common challenge that we all have to revive the economy and promote job creation, “Aranda said in a statement.

In this sense, the president of the employer’s association representing the logistics and transport companies, assures that “increasing even more the bulky fiscal effort that we have in Spain reduces the resources that companies need to dedicate to investments to improve their competitiveness, in the face of the new digital paradigm that we have to face”.

Currently the sector represents 6% of GDP and manages more than 500 million shipments per year, which represents 5 million tons per year and employs more than 800,000 workers. «Our sector, for example, is now focused on digitizing processes, investing in new warehouses on the outskirts of cities and in urban microhubs, and in rstrengthen human capital of high added value. We have to tackle all these challenges in the midst of the crisis, which means that competition is global and resources are already limited, “said Aranda.

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“Taxation cannot be just a collection mechanism and must become a policy that encourages economic activity; in this way, a high collection will be guaranteed “, points out the president of ONE. Along these lines, the employers regret that they lack mechanisms to improve efficiency in public spending and measures that fight against the underground economy, since Spain registers a significant volume of economic activity and resources that are left out of taxation .

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