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The trends that 2022 will bring They are already beginning to emerge, predicting a new year in which originality and daring styles will not be lacking in both fashion and hairdressing. In this case, a Japanese-inspired trend that promises to cause a sensation and that once again, in terms of trends, is not exactly new. Its about ‘hime cut’ or what is the same, a haircut for medium and long hair, generally with bangs and two thick locks framing the face creating an intentional angular parade.


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A clean and angled cut that is almost a shear and that takes as much hair as to add volume to the mane. With a certain manga inspiration, this haircut has generated a real phenomenon on social networks, with million TikTok views that have made the jump to both the catwalk and street style.

From Japan to the world

Different lengths to frame the face
Different lengths to frame the face – Instagram | Kalie Ho

Her name refers to the princesses of the Japanese period of the Heian dynasty. High society women cut off the locks of their hair when they came of age, leaving the rest of the hair long. East cut to the height of the cheeks, taking the ears as a reference, managed to create a certain sensation of sweetness in the face, in addition to having the secret power of refining it.

Inspired by those nobles of Japanese society and now, updated, its aesthetics are reminiscent of manga aesthetics. “It’s the combination of two types of cut in the same mane, longer at the back and shorter on the sides up to the cheeks or beyond the chin. It is ideal for straight hair, typical of Japanese women”, says Raquel Saiz from Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz from Torrelavega (Cantabria).

textures and color

Asian textures, very straight and with an iron effect, evolve towards Mediterranean ones, endowed with more body and undulation. “When it comes to wearing this cut, the most characteristic is the marked unevenness between the sides and the rest of the mane. From here, we can comb the ends inwards, give it a certain flare or even waves”, suggests Rafael Bueno of Rafael Bueno Peluqueros from Malaga.

A flexible trend that can be adapted to all types of hair, with or without bangs and even with touches of colour. «The ‘hime cut’ can be worn with or without bangs. In the case of incorporating it, what we will achieve is to create a new unevenness. Color can highlight your unusual silhouette by applying it to a specific area. It is not a look to go unnoticed”, explains Felicitas Ordás of Felicitas Hair from Mataró (Barcelona).

The personalization of the trend

“The hime cut should be worn with long enough hair to be able to create a contrast with the length, but then the strands close to the face allow us to frame it. So that it favors the round and square faces, must exceed the jaw. However, in the elongated ones they should be by the cheeks. The bangs are recommended for long, oval and triangular”, adds Manuel Mon of Manuel Mon Estilistas from Oviedo.

The success of the haircut positions it at the top of the hairdressing trends for the next 2022, even managing to reach the catwalk. in the last prada fashion shows, there were several models parading with different versions.

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