The heartbreaking testimony of Karl-Anthony Towns after testing positive for covid

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Two million deaths worldwide from the Covid-19, a disease that has completely changed the landscape since it began to wreak havoc a year ago. Karl-Anthony Towns, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, he knows well the hardships that the virus can cause, as the pandemic has washed away seven family members, including his mother.

Therefore, when he learned that he had given positiveHe shared a heartbreaking message on his social networks: “Before tonight’s game, I received another terrible call and I tested positive for COVID. I will isolate myself immediately and follow all protocols. I pray every day that this virus nightmare will go away and I urge everyone to continue to take it seriously and take all necessary precautions. We cannot stop the spread of the virus alone. It has to be a group effort from all of us, ”he began.

“It breaks my heart that my family, and in particular my father and my sister, have to continue to suffer from the anxiety that comes with this diagnosis since we all know well what the final result may be. To my niece and my nephew, Jolani and Max, I promise you that I will not end up in a coffin with my mother and that I will conquer this, “he concluded.

Karl-Anthony Towns is the last positive detected in the North American league in the middle of a spike of infections in the United States. The organization has been forced to take tougher measures against the spread of the virus and has formulated a series of rules in order to preserve the health of the players. After the previous success of the bubble, the coronavirus has already managed to suspend several games of the new season.

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