The importance of the ‘match’ between the caregiver and the elderly in home care


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Taking care of the elderly is one of the priorities to maintain the welfare state, especially considering that currently 9.1 million people over 65 live in Spain, according to the INE. The health crisis has shown the need for adequate care for the elderly, the group most affected by COVID-19. Thus, more and more families have opted for home care as the safest way and, much more considering that it is the preferred option for the protagonists themselves, as shown by the fact that 82% of Spaniards over 65 years of age prefer to grow old at home.

Technology has emerged as the best alternative to solve this demand for care. An example of this are the healthcare platforms that are emerging to provide this support and accompaniment, such as Cuidum, the Spanish company with the largest job market in this sector, with a total of 200,000 registered profiles. In addition, each month it manages 30,000 hours of work, of which 75% correspond to 24-hour internal care.

But … what is the secret to find the candidate that best fits the older person? As explained by the CEO of Cuidum, Jorge Cantero, «our proposal is not based solely on the number of registered profiles, but on our exhaustive validation system to offer a maximum quality service to families. In fact, only 23% of the applications received pass our selection process that we require in home care. This is where the quality and effectiveness of our services prevail ».

The first of all is to meet the elderly person, check their care needs and know how they are both physically and emotionally.. Its expert team in Human Resources is set up to search for the profile through interviews, tests, CV validation and reference checking. This, added to its own technology, is established to the ideal profiles based on the needs of the family environment and the elderly.

Once the candidates are chosen, they are presented to the relatives and the elderly person so that they can decide on what they consider to be that ideal profile. The objective is to find the profile of caregiver with extensive experience and vocation necessary to effectively exercise their role. During the first weeks, a complicity between the caregiver and the elderly person begins to develop, the barriers that separated them are broken and the results of the good relationship begin to be noticed until they practically end up being part of the family.

Fight for decent conditions

The task carried out by the caregiver is important for the day-to-day of the elderly person, so working conditions have to be good, with decent pay and a work system in which all parties involved feel comfortable . At Cuidum they are committed to the safety of caregivers and are always mobilized so that they have the best guarantees, since defending their rights is a fundamental pillar of their ethics as an identity. According to the CEO of Cuidum, Jorge Cantero, «the sector is predominantly female and often suffers from great job insecurity, so one of our priorities is to change their situation through dignified and just conditions.

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