The importance of treating the customer by name

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Snippet is a startup that has wanted to go back in time with something as basic but effective as call the consumer by name. The first sample of the power of his proposal was a campaign carried out for Real Madrid in which Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Marcelo and Sergio Ramos could be seen preparing a cake; but more importantly, they congratulated all the club members on their birthday by name. The initiative managed to add more than seven million views.

Snippet is capable of generating individualized videosIn other words, whoever appears on the screen, be it a celebrity, a prescriber or any representative of the brand, addresses the consumer by name. In a few hours, through technology that focuses on diction, they are able to generate hundreds of thousands of these personalized videos. Of course, “we do not ‘deepfake'”, says the CEO of the startup, Laura de la Fuente.

The company, which he founded five years ago Carlos Sanchez, started with a B2C (‘business to consumer’) model, and was focused on creating content with celebrities. However, it appears that it was ahead of its time, because the results were not promising, prompting the CEO to rethink the proposal. This is how today the company has a B2B2C model (a model in which a company accesses the end customer through another business). The proposal continues to have this “famous” product and also a new proposal that is aimed at SMEs, called Myme.

The startup rose to fame with a viral campaign for Real Madrid

Under Snippet’s client portfolio we find names like Mapfre, BBVA, Orange, Santander… big companies, with big budgets. Myme, on the other hand, is a service designed for small and medium digitized companies that want to connect with their users or customers.

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For this class of companies “we offer three types of packages,” explains De la Fuente: one free, in which the customer can test 25 personalized messages and then there are other monthly and annual packages. “The difference is based on the number of videos you can buy.” The smallest package is 9.95 euros per month And with this, SMEs can thank customers for their first purchase, or that they have subscribed to the ‘newsletter’, campaign on Mother’s Day …

Wide range

«We are capable of generating more than four million different combinations of possible messages», Explains the director of the company. This milestone is achieved through powerful technology that leverages prerecorded “templates” to generate a huge variety of messages.

All the client has to do is choose the person who will represent them and then select the content they want to give to their clients. One issue that generates a bit of panic is that of data. The director of Snippet ensures that the company “does not save any personal data of the clients of the companies we work with”, and that the metrics or information that they return to the client is always anonymous, since it is done through unique identifiers, not personal.

Snippet, which since its founding has raised two and a half million euros, has his sights set on a new round of series A for the consolidation of Myme.

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