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Just three years ago, Ester Exposito She was only known among millennials who followed ‘Elite’, the Netflix production in which she played Carla, a spoiled teenager with a mysterious personality thanks to which she managed to conquer the public. But 2020 has been the year that the popularity of this 21-year-old actress Just completed, she has grown like foam and now everything she wears becomes a trend and an object of desire.

The “culprits” have been, on the one hand, the Javis -Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo-, who had her for the series that narrates the life of La Veneno, and on the other the productions “When the angels sleep” and “Something has to die” (During the shooting of which she met her boyfriend Alejandro Speitzer).

But there is also something about her that has permeated the young women. Proof of this is his Instagram account, which in a matter of months has become a true gold mine for brands, who see how their followers grow like foam, already raising it as the Spanish with the most “followers”. Nothing more and nothing less than 26.5 million. Exposito has captivated luxury brands such as Bvlgari or YSL Beauty, to whom it lends its image, and even successful singers such as J.Balvin and Ozuna, who have dedicated one of their latest songs “Una locura” to him.

It seems that in addition to his acting talent, his good watch out for trends it had something to do with his sudden fame. Because if Expósito has known something, it is to surround himself with a good team of stylists to hit all your red carpet looks and find the most flattering options in your wardrobe for day to day.

In a recent interview, he declared that it was impossible for him to define his style, which he rather considered “Varied and versatile”. And it is that in the same day you can wear some «mom jeans» with a sweatshirt and sneakers with your face washed and then squander elegance with a sequined minidress and «stilettos».

In everyday life, opt for a casual style
In everyday life, opt for a casual style – © Instagram: @ester_exposito

An evolving style

Her dressing room has matured just like her, and if when she was younger she opted for simple patterns with few shapes and more childish prints, now choose to highlight your curves with “crop tops”, high-waisted pants and tight dresses in which the necklines predominate, both halter and at the back.

The actress has already stepped on her first international red carpets – such as the Venice Biennale – and among her favorite brands there is no shortage of the most luxurious ones such as Versace, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Dolce Gabbana or Elisabetta Franchi, that combines with other more affordable brands such as those of the group Inditex.

The actress Ester Exposito.
The actress Ester Exposito. – Gtres

Although previously minidresses predominated in her wardrobe, today the actress prefers cortes midi with fall that adapt to your figure and in which the fabric make a difference. Satin, chiffon and silks are some of her favorites, which are often paired with very opulent jewelry that adds an extra touch of sophistication. As for the cuts, the chic minimalism it has become its main formula, with plain patterns in which neutral tones predominate.

When he does not have to wear a glamorous look for work reasons, Exposito prefers garments with cortes «oversize» and does not hesitate to show off «Athleisure» or, what is the same, combine sports garments with others that are not in a perfect balance.

His closet gives off a 90s air, with cotton T-shirts, Nike Air Max and baggy pants that reveal some reminiscences more seventies that come from the hand of dresses style «babydoll» or flared jeans.

In beauty it is also a reference

Of Ester Exposito’s sweet features, her cheeks, her heart-shaped lips – which many claim have been hydrated with hyaluronic acid – stand out, her large eyes and defined eyebrows. Details that have not gone unnoticed in the world of beauty and aesthetics. So the doctor believes Jorge Planas, from the Madrid Clinic Planas, who receives daily patients who come to his office inspired by physical traits of women they follow in social networks.

Their lips, cheekbones and nose are in high demand in beauty clinics.
Their lips, cheekbones and nose are in high demand in beauty clinics. – Gtres

“Influencers have two major differences from public figures who have had a ‘monopoly’ on beauty until now,” he says. «The first is that they are usually closer people. The second is that through social networks are shown in countless situations, with and without makeup or with different types of wardrobe, “he points out.

The expert believes that this way “they are more credible and accessible, and in this way (their followers) serve as a reference when it comes to finding the image they want for themselves.” If we talk about rhinoplasty or lips, this past year the cast of influencers such as Alexandra Pereira or Katy Golden joins Expósito, «who it comes stomping ».

Throughout these years the actress has learned to highlight her natural beauty
Throughout these years the actress has learned to highlight her natural beauty – © Instagram: @ester_exposito

The Madrilenian has already starred in its first cover in an American newspaper And he has several pending projects to release, and taking into account his brood of followers on social networks, his career and his power of influence have only just begun.

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