The mask-scarf that famous people adore

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In times of pandemic New trends are also emerging to adapt fashion to our day-to-day life. We saw it with the current born of the confinement in which the looks relaxed, became more comfortable and the tracksuit was installed in the most stylish wardrobes on the planet. Mask, that other garment with which we have had to learn to coexist, has also become one more accessory, essential, and some famous ones have shown that wearing it is not incompatible with having style if you know how to give it the perfect touch.

Olivia Palermo with a style with a mask and scarf
Olivia Palermo with a style with a mask and scarf – © Instagram

Era Olivia Palermo The one in charge of launching the fashion of putting a silk scarf over the mask months ago, in the purest style ‘cow boy’. In this way, the celebrity protected herself against the coronavirus with her Regulatory and approved mask and at the same time it gave that ‘chic’ touch so necessary to get out of the lethargy of gray and muted outfits that unleashed the pandemic. Olivia even posted her own tutorial. to learn how to correctly place the bandana on the mask in full confinement.

“Masks are part of our future, so we have to adapt them to ourselves”, assured Palermo itself. «First I choose a scarf with a pattern that stands out with my look and keeps me protected. Afterwards, everything is summarized in giving it a triangular shape to cover my mask and tie it back to secure it. Staying safe is the ultimate style statement», Explains the influencer on her website.

The mask-scarf ‘made in Spain’

The Spanish firm Kausi launched its own collection of scarf masks, which it called Olivia, a clear tribute to the famous American. «The masks have been an unexpected success thanks to the quality, the ‘made in Spain’, the design and the collaborations that we have made with important Spanish designers […] The launch of our ‘Olivia’ model has been widely accepted as it is an original and very elegant accessory that also protects», They assure Alejandra Arias Y Laura Corces, founders of the brand.

The journalist Sara carbonero has been one of the last celebrities to show off the mask-scarf through the streets of Madrid, as he showed on his Instagram. It is one of Kausi’s designs, specifically the model Olivia Bichos by Los Platos de Pan (€ 42), whose print is designed by Barbara Pan de Soraluce, known before the pandemic for her illustrations on dishes and crockery in general and now an artist of the most ‘in’ masks.

Model Olivia Bichos by Los Platos de Pan (42 €)
Olivia Bichos by Los Platos de Pan (€ 42) – © Season

Some of the prints come from very special collaborations that are undoubtedly sweeping their followers. «All the models have their fans, but the great collaborations with The Plates of Pan, Gastón and Daniela and Suma Cruz they have been a success. Now Olivias are more and more in fashion and are in high demand ”, explain the founders.

They already prepare next collection spring Summer. “We are going to launch very special new designs. We will also launch other products closely linked to what we are already doing ”, they advance.

Since Olivia Palermo until Sara Carbonero, Eugenia Silva, Tamara Falcó, María León or even Sarah Jessica Parker They have joined the trend of the mask-scarf combining their best outfits with this new accessory.

A very stylish business

Eugenia Silva and Tamara Falcó with designs by Kausi
Eugenia Silva and Tamara Falcó with designs by Kausi – © Instagram

Since masks became an essential complement to the everyday life of the entire planet, there are many businesses and collections that have been launched with the aim of granting a touch of differentiation and propose options that can be combined with the clothing and tastes of each one, although always guaranteeing the sanitary protection for which they are used.

Salvador Bachiller's mask with bandana
Salvador Bachiller’s mask with bandana

In the collection of Miranda Makaroff for Desigual the signature included a mask-mask stamped with one of the artist’s colorful illustrations. In this case, the accessory requires the use of an approved mask underneath, to guarantee protection, and costs € 9.95.

For its part, the Olivia Palermo has launched its line of handkerchiefs in collaboration with Lescarf. These are six stylish models that she herself has worn through the streets of New York and with which it is also necessary to include a properly approved mask. They are sold for € 72.

Other brands like Salvador Bachelor The Masqd, one of the favorite firms of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker Y Sienna MillerThey also include in their catalogs scarf-masks with different models and patterns, with prices starting at € 6.

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