“The Medicines Agency should speed up phase III of the plitidepsin trial”

R. Ibarra




“The results of the study are very good,” says Vicente Estrada, head of the Infectious Diseases Service of the Hospital Clínico-San Carlos de Madrid and one of the two coordinators of the phase I / II trial carried out with plitidepsin (aplidine) on 45 patients from 13 Spanish hospitals.

Therefore, he is confident that the phase III trial will start shortly. In a situation where we have nothing except remdesivir and dexamethasone, which have a limited effect, ‘it is necessary to test the potency of this drug in patients», He says. In his opinion, the Medicines Agency should “” expedite the phase III clinical trial. “

This study will try to demonstrate the superiority of plitidepsin in combination with remdesivir and dexamateson in front of

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