The mighty Thatcher style, from the blue suit to the pussybow

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“Every day of the week I wear Sunday clothes,” he used to say. Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) when she was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from 1979 to 1990. First woman in office in her country, she knew how to combine the required simplicity with a feminine touch often inspired by Isabel II (94 years old). Daughter of a dressmaker, she always confessed that she liked fashion. We analyze your wardrobe.


“Be careful with your bag,” warned a US government representative to Mikhail Gorbachev before one of his encounters with Thatcher. Since then, the art of making a handbag entered the Oxford dictionary as a sign of ruthless and firm treatment. The Iron Lady used to carry leather bags, of British manufacture and short handles, with a certain indifference: held tightly with the elbow to make way and prevail in a meeting, whether it was a piece by Launer -the brand that Isabel II uses- or Asprey.

The strict coats

The two most important women in the United Kingdom met on numerous occasions wearing simple-cut winter coats that covered their dresses, like imaginary armor. Margaret Thatcher is likely be inspired by the Queen of England in choosing many of these clothes, but he also had other British conservatives in mind, always dressed in good coats.

Tailor suits in blue

The perfectly orchestrated skirt and jacket ensembles, almost always in blue, the color of the torys, served to emulate the jacket suits of the British politicians of the time, although she always reserved a feminine detail to complement them.

Hats and headdresses

From a very young age, he was enthusiastic about them and had a wide collection. Already in her strange wedding attire, she wore a dark blue velvet dress with an ostrich feather headdress. The gala dresses. When Thatcher “forgot” to reply to the Queen it was in the gala nights, choosing daring pieces or dresses with striking patterns and colors that Isabel II never dared to wear.


Good sewing

The daughter of a dressmaker, Thatcher showed a clear interest in well-made pieces, with tailored jackets and shoulder pads. He used to order his suits at Aquascutum, Susan Small o Mansfield, British fashion houses. He thought, correctly, that wearing well-cut, somewhat repetitive and sober clothes would focus the importance on his speech rather than his wardrobe.

Tie shirts

The prime minister allowed herself to be photographed in the kitchen, at home, to be less scary. He appeared in the kitchen in his eternal bow shirts, an absolutely topical fashion, to soften his energetic images mounted on war tanks.

The pearls

After receiving her first pearl necklace as a gift from her husband after the birth of her twins, she became fond of this type of jewel to the point of having a good collection.

The helmet”

Hot or cold, rain or thunder, Margaret Thatcher never gave up his ‘helmet’ hairstyle, which over time grew in volume and height. He cared about having hairdressers ready to “crepe” him wherever he went.

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