The Ministry of Labor suffers a cyberattack three months after the one that paralyzed the SEPE


Antonio Ramirez Cerezo



The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy
has suffered a computer attack, as noted on his Twitter account. In the same message the department that directs Yolanda Diaz ensures that they are already working together with the National Cryptological Center to determine the origin and restore normality as soon as possible.

This has also been confirmed by sources of Work to ABC who assure that “they are already working on solving the problem”, but even without anticipating when they will be able to solve it.

This attack occurs three months after the one that occurred last March on the computer system of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) that deactivated the agency’s website for several weeks, paralyzing thousands of appointments and delaying the collection of benefits for hundreds more.

The IT service of the SEPE was infected by ‘ransomware’, a malicious software that has the ability to encrypt files and lock computers with the idea of ​​obtaining money in exchange for returning the system to normal operation.

Specifically, the latest version of the ‘ransomware’ Ryuk, one of the most powerful used by cybercriminals to demand a ransom in exchange for the key to release stolen data.

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