The model with Down syndrome Marián Ávila, awarded in the US for being an «example to follow»




The young Spanish model with Down syndrome Marián Ávila has been distinguished with the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy 2020 Award, which will be delivered virtually next Saturday, November 14 from Denver (Colorado, United States), for its «achievements as a role model and role model».

23-year-old Valencian living in Benidorm (Alicante), the model will receive the award for her career and “use social networks to meet other people, gain visibility without prejudice or labels and to help others”.

«She calls herself feminist and defender of human rights, family and friendship ”, highlighted the jury of the organization, the Global Down Syndrome Foundation (Global), of the young Marián Ávila, which on September 8, 2018 achieved the milestone of being the first Spanish model with Down syndrome on the runways at Fashion Week in New York.

The young woman will share the award with the Canadian actress of the series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Caterina Scorsone and will receive the award in the course of the online event ‘Be Beautiful Be Yourself’ (in English ‘Be beautiful, be yourself’), which will serve to raise funds for scientific research.

“I am very happy, it is an honor to receive an important award for everyone,” said Marián Avila in an interview with EFE before confessing: “It was a great surprise, I didn’t expect it.”

The young model has stated that “people with Down syndrome can too”, just like “everyone else”, and has continued that her motto is: “I can”.

“We can all fulfill our dreams,” said Ávila, who enjoys his career on the catwalks: “I feel happy with who I am and that everything is like that.”

He has appreciated the support that the Americans have given him Sofia Kay Whitten, daughter of Michelle you Whitten (co-founder, president and CEO of Global), and DeOndra Dixon, sister of the popular actor Jamie Foxx who died a few days ago: “They have always encouraged me a lot, they have opened a way for me to follow.”

For Marián Ávila, “DeOndra is a small light that is there, in the sky.” “You will always be with us”, he has assured of the person for whom the award was born that he will receive through the internet on the 14th.

Although she would have liked to travel to Denver to collect the award in person, she prefers to be positive and look over the restrictions imposed by the covid-19 health pandemic. “Nothing happens either, we do it online because everything is possible,” he said.

During the ceremony, a video of Marián parading dressed by the Alicante couturier will be exhibited Hannibal Laguna with supermodel Beverly Johnson – the first African-American to star on the cover of Vogue, in 1974 – at an event that will be attended by music legend Quincy Jones, after whom the awards are named, and the artist Rachel Platten, among many others.

Ávila, 1.61 meters tall, is the face of Levi’s current advertising campaign that advocates for diversity, and has also worked for El Corte Inglés. In addition, he has participated in the Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day parade and in the announcement for the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

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