The money that Mbappé and Haaland would earn in England or Italy with respect to Spain due to the Treasury measures

Ruben Cañizares




If Kylian Mbappé or Haaland wanted to leave PSG or Borussia to play in Spain, England or Italy, the League would not have the option of competing with the Premier and Serie A on an economic level. An example serves to clarify. Let’s say that Kylian receives the same offer from Madrid, Juventus and Liverpool, 25 million net per campaign, in a five-year contract. A figure to which 50 million would be added, which is what would enter Mbappé, following the example, for image rights in each season. Specifically, 40 million from abroad and 10 generated locally.

According to the current tax regulations, Mbappé would earn 132 million for image rights in Spain in

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