The most flattering shades of clothing according to hair color

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The change in temperatures has forced make the wardrobe change and with it the moment of renew a large part of their garments with a good day of shopping. The acquisition of new garments implies in many cases considering what will be the most flattering options beyond the trends, because although fashion is governed by style currents that change at a dizzying rate, there is no doubt that there are certain guidelines to take into account so that the result looks flattering and sophisticated.

Most have entered the maelstrom of ‘anything goes’, in which all kinds of risky combinations come into play that only the most daring dare to show off. But when choosing which alternatives to opt for, in addition to the cuts and fabrics, one would have to think about a question related to the color palette, and it is none other than the choice of shades that feel best depending on the skin and hair.

First of all, you have to learn to differentiate on the one hand the cold tones, which include greens, blues, violets and their derivatives; and the warm ones among which are the oranges, yellows, browns and reds. The former tend to favor blondes more while the latter tend to favor those who are somewhat more brunette. But like everything, there are always exceptions that will be explained below and that will be very useful when deciding.


Nicole Kidman y Charlize Theron
Nicole Kidman y Charlize Theron – © Gtres

One of the biggest mistakes that are usually seen with blondes comes from the styles in which they resort to colors that end up turning even more pale to these profiles that normally have lighter skin. That does not mean that you cannot use them, you should try to choose shades that, although light, have enough color saturation to contrast with the skin. The peaches, roses, salmon, banana, mint and the whole range of cakes they will be good allies, just like the grays. The black and white mix in all its intensities.

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Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore – © Gtres

We are facing one of the most complicated and risky cases, which, however, can be very flattering if you know what to turn to. Brown, caramel and gold are especially suitable, as is the beige, ivory, gold and olive. Do not forget the oranges, dark reds and emeralds either. Although the norm tends to advocate dispensing with cool colors, each time the roses and lilacs gain more prominence.


Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo – © Gtres

In this case, colors that create a contrast with the hair tone will be good options. In general, they tend to favor those with a lot of personality, such as the range of reds, emeralds and blues. If you have a light complexion and eyes, pastels centered on light blue and beige are perfect to enhance your features; while if you are darker, the range of toasted, bronzes and earth is more suitable. They also favor burgundy, khaki and midnight blues.


Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz – © Gtres

They usually admit more tones compared to the previous ones, but if there is one thing that is clear, it is that gloomy tones such as navy blue or dark brown they tend to look duller in them. Both the whites and the blacks are very successful, as well as the oranges, reds, greens and nudes.

Grey hair

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep – © Gtres

This is quite a subjective question, since a person who has been used to wearing a certain type of color palette practically all his life is very difficult to change from one moment to the next. But regardless of tastes, there are two options: play with the hair creating a harmony with the grays in all its forms, or break the look with a more striking brushstroke in blue or mustard, for example. In this case, the most important thing is to have a safe attitude.

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The riskiest colors

One of the colors that instills the most respect is yellow, associated with multiple superstitions but which for some years has been gaining more prominence. For chestnuts and brunettes, the best thing to do would be to wear it in a pastel or golden version, while for blondes it is more advisable to wear it in small doses so that it does not turn pale. Refering to fluorine range and others powerful colors like fuchsia, violet or orangeWhen wearing them with style, self-confidence is crucial, although it should be noted that brunettes with dark complexions stand out more.

Another point that should be added is related to looks monocolor, Well, there is a belief that chestnuts cannot wear brown, brunettes black, and so on with all hair tones. Nothing is further from reality, contrary to what is thought, they will help to highlight the features more (although if you opt for a monochrome style it is very appropriate to add a complement in another contrasting tone to break with the whole).

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