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That ugly sneakers are the queens of the looks that get the most likes on Instagram is one of the great truths of the world of fashion. The Triple S de Balenciaga They opened the ban and, since then, the firm is rare that does not release its particular version of ugly shoes, but now they have tough competitors: the Running shoes that were fashionable in the 80s, that return stronger than ever and are already conquering the most stylish women on the planet.

If during the winter the botines chunky They sneaked into all the closets, this spring – and until the heat comes and you can put your feet out in the sun with a pair of nice sandals – old trainers are going to take over. To combine with a masculine style suit and a white shirt, with jeans and a T-shirt or even with cargo pants, running shoes become more democratic and conquer other looks. But that doesn’t mean that use in the gym -or to go running, which was what they were created for- are prohibited because both styles can coexist in harmony perfectly.

Although practically all brands of sports shoes have retro designs, there are two brands that fall in love with the most stylish women in the world, the New Balance and the Asics. Although they have always worked on sports shoes, the two brands have joined the normcore trend and have created several models with a more fashion style and to broaden their target, so much so that these types of shoes have gone from being typical that our parents used when we were children (also the physical education teachers, who never failed in the formula of shiny tracksuit and running shoes) to conquer the best looks of street style.

A priori, retro sneakers have a marked masculine style, but in practice they can be as feminine (or more) than many other models of sneakers, you just have to know how to combine them. These looks with the old sneakers that you once hated (and surely love now) prove it.

This is how the most fashionable retro sneakers combine

New Balance sneakers + jeans

María Pombo is one of those who bets on simple combinations, but, in turn, they are the ones that work best. The Madrid influencer coordinates her New Balance sneakers with two essentials in any wardrobe, both male and female, a white T-shirt and jeans.

Asics sneakers + joggers

The sweatpants are having a new revival. Along with the sweatshirt, it was the star outfit of the confinement, but after it it has been reinventing itself, even as a result of this fashion a new trend has emerged, the athflow, which combines sportswear with other more elegant ones. But with what Asics shoes will never fail is with jogger pants and, very importantly, you have to see the sock, as the trend sets.

New Balance sneakers + midi dress

There are only a few days until spring begins and any idea on how to combine the shoes in the face of rising temperatures is inspiring. For those who want to take risks, the midi dress in bright colors, New Balance sneakers and short socks.

Asics sneakers + suit

The Valencian designer Sonia Carrasco has chosen Asics sneakers for her fall-winter 2021/2022 collection to finish off all her looks, even with the most formal outfits, like this one with a double-breasted jacket and matching asymmetric skirt.

New Balance sneakers + shirt

Lucy Williams is famous on Instagram for her ease of combining basics. In one of his latest looks, he has coordinated flared black trousers with a masculine-style striped shirt and vest, which he has finished off with New Balance sneakers.

Asics sneakers + oversize tracksuit

If wide leg pants are the new plague, it was taking time for this trend to not reach athleisure. It is impossible to glance at the shelves of all stores that sell sportswear and not come across flared sweatpants, the most elegant version of the sports pants. Together with the XXL sweatshirt and the Asics sneakers they form a perfect combo.

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