The mouth of the famous has a trick: orthodontics, whitening and veneers


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The perfect mouth of the famous can be explained: three combined treatments work miracles on your smile, and they are gaining more and more popularity among the rest of the population as well. Its about teeth whitening, invisible orthodontics and veneers, which together or separately can radically change the teeth of any person. The treatments have advanced and been perfected a lot in recent years, and as long as they are done by certified professionals, they have all the guarantees.

Among the actors and presenters, the solution, due to its speed and impact, usually involves resorting to the veneers. You only have to look at those uniform and regular teeth to realize what they wear the most. To place them, the dentist must cut the patient’s teeth, but while before this was done aggressively, and even today this risk can be run if a good dentist is not used, nowadays it is possible to file them “little and nothing”, as Dr. Andrés Turrión Monescillo explains.

«We use a very fine ceramic, that’s why it is no longer necessary. The optimal result is to have beautiful but natural teeth and if done well it is a stable solution for many, many years, ”he says.

This treatment is recommended from the age of 18 or 20, it is valid for anyone and requires whitening beforehand so that the veneer does not show the original shade of the teeth and therefore darkens.

In the United States, where Turrión Monescillo has trained and worked for a few years in Los Angeles, “a whiter, larger teeth with all the same pieces are preferred, with less anatomical difference between teeth. Here in Spain, on the other hand, the most natural look is worn ».

El actor Ian McShane. – Gtres

Veneers should be used when there is a serious health or aesthetic problem. Its effect is immediate: it provokes «A radical change in the face without noticing what has really changed, it gives a healthier, more youthful appearance “, adds the Madrid dentist, who works together with his father in the clinic founded 37 years ago in Moncloa and recently expanded and renovated.

The other two most requested techniques in dentists’ offices are invisible orthodontics, or Invisalign, and tooth whitening. The first has come to soften the visual impact and discomfort of traditional braces, allowing a practically normal life while the teeth are repositioned in their place. It can take anywhere from six months to two years, and there are more and more people wearing it, you can almost say that «Is in fashion», indicates Turrión Monescillo.

As for whitening, it does not damage the structure of the tooth as it was believed, it allows to recover the color darkened by disease or habits such as tobacco, tea and coffee and contributes to achieving a healthy and jovial appearance of the entire face. The psychological impact for those who have taken the step and fixed their mouth is very important, key to their general well-being.

«The important thing is to search a customized solution for each patient, which is minimally invasive, that touches the pieces as little as possible, and that combines treatments to achieve the goal, “adds the expert.

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