The mystery about the change in size of Macarena Gómez’s nose is revealed






The actress Macarena gomez He generated a stir last week on his social networks after sharing with his thousands of followers a photograph in which he appears with a bulky bandage around his nose. “Okay, I had doubts but I HAVE DONE IT, after a long time thinking about it I jumped in and … I got my nose enlarged !!!!!”, he wrote next to the snapshot.

His fans gave no credit and within a few minutes a debate had already been organized between those who applauded his decision and those who, on the contrary, criticized this new image. Also, some of his followers thought that it was only a characterization for a series, movie, or even for Halloween, which is celebrated next weekend.

Perfume Academy
Perfume Academy

This week, the Perfume Academy unveiled the mystery about the change in size of the actress’s nose. Apparently, everything is due to the creation of a disruptive “Smell Film” in which Macarena Gómez is the protagonist. The film will be discovered next Wednesday at the Virtual Gala for the Best Perfumes of the Year Awards. For this reason, the actress has enlarged her nose to “symbolically” multiply the sense of smell.

According Val Díez, Executive Director of the Perfume Academy: «We wanted to face the challenge of creating something very different and disruptive for this year’s virtual gala and we are sure that the Smell Film will give a lot to talk about. At this moment, I can only anticipate that transmitting the sensoriality and evocative power of perfume is not at odds with a touch of humor, especially with an actress like Macarena Gómez. We are looking forward to sharing it.

Perfume Academy
Perfume Academy

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