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Nora de Liechtenstein came to Spain for love, and also for love, in this case to a land, has created a beauty line with natural products from his Extremaduran estate, Dehesa Vivencia, which he bought after his wedding with Vicente Sartorius, Marquis of Mariño, in Peraleda de la Mata (Cáceres), and which after his death in 2002 has become his refuge, his passion and his company.

«After the death of my husband he asked me what to do with the farm. An Austrian friend, naturalist and ecologist, who now does projects all over the world, helped me to recover the holm oaks and to eliminate intensive agriculture and with tractors, which did not let anything grow, and excess livestock. It also added water retention through ponds and since then here is an impressive biodiversity, a wonder», The princess tells ABC Style.

Ozonized calendula oil (€ 17.85) for atopic and problem skin.
Ozonized calendula oil (€ 17.85) for atopic and problem skin. – Experience Skin Care

That change in the exploitation model brought together people who knew the wealth of the area and its possibilities. With them, Nora from Liechtenstein began to learn more about the properties of plants and decided to make 100% natural handmade products for the skin of the face and body. His focus has been always more linked to well-being and health than to aesthetics, because that is how she herself conceives life.

«By chance I met a girl, Miriam Díaz, who he made fantastic creams and oils in his kitchen, from where we decided to move to a pharmacy to do so with all the guarantees and certifications, and curiously its owner was another young girl, Inmaculada Moreno, who was delighted to get into this adventure and is my other partner, “she recalls smiling.

From the farm, its fruits

Thus was born Experience Skin Care, which currently offers a line of unisex facial and body cosmetics, for all ages and ecological, made with local products and with special emphasis on their oils, the favorites of many people with skin problems, manual professions or sensitivity.

Its star ingredients are Calendula, rosemary and other wild plants of the pasture like lavender, sage and St. John’s wort, in addition to olive oil, and she assures that part of the secret is the addition of ozone, with disinfectant and regenerative properties and good for treating acne and promoting microcirculation.

Calendula ointment to treat irritations, sensitive skin, eczema (€ 12.75).
Calendula ointment to treat irritations, sensitive skin, eczema (€ 12.75). – Experience Skin Care

Nora from Liechtenstein has verified, with the pandemic, the effectiveness of her products. «We have given them to people who work in Health, which has marks and reactions due to the intensive use of the mask, and they have seen that with our oil and with our calendula ointment with beeswax they improve a lot, just as in the hands due to gloves ».

Love for the land

Nora from Liechtenstein feels intimately connected to the land. «Nature has always interested me very much, I even started studying biology (I ended up studying Political Science), and my family has also always been closely linked to it. Now that I’ve gotten into this, what strikes me the most is the impressive interconnection between nature and us ».

Natural ozone soap ideal for deep cleaning.  (€ 10.50)
Natural ozone soap ideal for deep cleaning. (€ 10.50) – Experience Skin Care

The princess, born in 1950 as the fourth and only female daughter of Prince Francis Joseph II of Liechtenstein and Countess Georgina de Wilczek, is concerned about ecology and the irresponsible action of man on their environment, hence her feeling of have almost a mission in hand with Vivencia Skin Care. “I see all the damage we cause, that we have not respected that interconnection, but exploited the resources, and that cannot continue like this.”

Accompanied by her daughter Teresa Sartorius, who organizes wellness retreats on the 250-hectare estate, Nora from Liechtenstein is now dedicated to researching the properties of other plants «that we habitually despise, like jara “and to incorporate some other product to your brand, without haste, with all the organic guarantees and thinking that” you don’t need as much as you think. “

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