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smart watches from Huawei They are one of the best products of the Chinese brand, with three ranges, the GT are focused on monitoring health and sports, the watches in autonomy with their own mobile connection and, finally, there are those in bracelet format. We recently reviewed the latest Huawei Watch GT 3 which you can read about here.

Due to the success of the ‘smartwatches‘ among runners, Huawei has just launched a new model of the Watch GT 3 especially for them, the GT Runner, with a 1.43-inch screen and a resolution of 326 dots per inch.

The Asian firm has made an effort to improve precisely what most worries athletes, weight.

Although the GT 3 is already extraordinarily light, they have managed to lower the GT Runner by a further 10%, up to 38.5 grams, thanks to using fiber polymer in its construction, and, most importantly, the battery life has not been sacrificed, reaching 14 days.

The accuracy of the sensors that monitor the heart rate has also improved with Truseen 5.0+, which increases to 8 detection channels, reaching metrics with 96% accuracy. In addition, the GT Runner includes True Sport, a personal trainer who analyzes the runner’s guidelines and helps him improve his physical performance.

Another concern for runners is the track record fidelityThat’s why the dual GNSS antennas on the outside of the watch case have been redesigned, making location 25% faster than other competitors, according to Huawei.

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