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WhatsApp continues to work on new features that help enrich the service. After some users have started to use multi-device mode, the Facebook-owned messaging app continues to work on a system to end-to-end encrypt backup copies of messages that are stored in the cloud. Thanks to her, the user also you can enable a password to protect your communications.

As shared by the specialized portal WABetaInfo, the functionality is already available within the beta phase of the application for Android devices. Specifically, in version for this operating system, which implies that it is foreseeable that reach the devices of the bulk of users shortly.

According to the aforementioned medium, the tool is currently being tested to encrypt end-to-end backup copies of conversations stored in Google Drive, the service owned by the American search engine. The security function can be activated by the user to protect the message history and multimedia files stored in the cloud, to prevent unauthorized access. The encryption process requires the creation of a password, which must be used when the copy is to be restored.

The password is private, as detailed in the portal, which means that only the user knows it and it is not shared with WhatsApp or FaccebookNor with Google or Apple -which are the companies that provide the cloud storage service on Andorid and iOS devices-. The encryption process warns that the user will not be able to recover the backup saved in the cloud in the event that they lose their mobile phone or forget their password, as the aforementioned portal shares.

Instead of a password, it also gives the option of generating a 64-digit encryption key, which, as with the password, will be requested to restore the copy, and that if it is lost, WhatsApp will not be able to recover.

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