The new trick to join a WhatsApp video call that has already started

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The pandemic has radically transformed the way we communicate. With the health crisis and social isolation, video calls, and the services that make them possible, gained a lot of weight. So much so that platforms such as Messenger or Telegram have been adding functions to improve the user experience that performs them. Now WhatsApp has announced the arrival to the messaging app of a new tool that allows you to join a conference even if it has already started.

“The ability to join a call later takes the pressure off you of having to answer the group call as soon as it begins. In addition, it makes group calls on WhatsApp as spontaneous and simple as a conversation in person, “says the messaging application in a statement on its corporate blog.

Indeed, with this new feature, if someone does not answer the call when the phone rings, they can still join later. Plus, as long as the call is ongoing, you can get out and back in whenever you want.

To be able to join a video call on WhatsApp, the user, who must be among the participants selected by the person who made it, only has to open the ‘app’ and click on the ‘Calls’ tab. There the loss will appear collected. In case you have not finished the conversation, just click on it and you can join. In addition, it is previously shown which participants are currently participating in the conversation.

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As explained by the app, lhe new tool is available for both video calls and calls.

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