The nightmare of gifts to teachers in WhatsApp groups

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Every end of the year the same story, the nightmare in the WhatsApp parent group to buy the teacher’s gift. I have been denying myself for years, I have never understood having to reward them for having done their work or, seen in another way, for having to put up with our children. Above all, because that is always a matter for adults, not children. The gift is usually bought without them knowing anything.

I thought that ended when they passed to High School, but apparently the story continues in some schools even when the children are already teenagers. My oldest son is 15 years old and last week I received the first messages asking for 10 euros per student. I often silently refuse, but this year has been even more excruciating and I ended up complaining in public. In fact, I also do not understand that at this point we still have a WhatsApp group. Any day I go out and so I take the gold medal to the mother edge.

Everyone is supposed to we want them to grow up independent and learn to make their own decisions. If my son wants to give something to his teacher, let him do it. To have a detail, he could make something with his own hands, for example, a drawing, a text, a photograph, a souvenir video … Whatever he wants, not his father or me, because in the end, it’s his lifetime. However, in the group of parents he never considers cheering the kids on (teenagers already, I insist, to make matters worse) to have a nice gesture; they always limit themselves to raising money to buy anything.

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I don’t know when this all started though I’m afraid it’s an invention of our generation. I don’t remember my mother giving a bracelet or a spa day to any of my teachers. I bet anything he didn’t even think of. He was aware of us and in contact with the school; from there, the details ran from my account if I wanted to have them.

The worst thing about it is that I have realized that it is always the mothers who write in the WhatsApp group. I have never received messages from a parent proposing to collect or giving gift ideas. I am very struck by the fact that women are always involved, as if they still went to school and not their children. At the school gates I see men; also in class meetings and tutorials. Where I do not see them participate is in the WhatsApp group.

Even though I I have never met any, I know that there are teachers (and professors) who refuse to receive gifts because it does not seem appropriate. They understand that they already charge a salary for doing their work and hope that the details, if there are any, will be available to the school management. I applaud your example, I just hope to find one day with one of those exceptions. I would be so happy that I wouldn’t even collect. I alone would give him a Thai massage.

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