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British singer Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel, known artistically as Seal, was born in London in 1963 with a very special gift: his voice. That is why in 1992 he received the award for best male singer at the Brit Awards because in reality there are few who have never heard one of his songs. He is remembered for songs like the one that starred in the soundtrack of “Batman Forever”, “Kiss from a Rose”, a song for which he won three Grammy Awards in 1995. Other songs such as “Crazy” are the ones that caused us will buy a few of the millions of records that the British has sold throughout his career.

In addition to his voice, another of the characteristics by which Seal is recognized is by the mysterious scars that looks on his face. There are many speculations that have been made about his scars throughout his musical career, however few people know the story of improvement that lies behind them.

Seal – Gtres

And it is that Seal’s life has not been a bed of roses. The son of a Nigerian woman with a Brazilian man, the singer suffered a tough childhood marked by abandonment at the age of two, abuse by his biological family and the support he later received from adoptive parents: Frank and Barbara. He spent two wonderful years with his new family but when he was about to blow out four candles, his biological mother came back for him regretting having given him up for adoption and managed to get him back.

He spent two more years with the little boy in London until he returned to his country of origin, Nigeria, leaving Seal in the care of his father – from whom he had divorced years before – a violent man who worked as a firefighter. Due to constant physical attacks, the singer ran away from home with only 15 years. «There was not much communication at home. I did not idolize my father, “he confessed during an interview. To earn his bread, Seal did humble jobs as a postman or waiter.

He loved music, but saw it as an impossible dream. Until his first girlfriend heard him sing and was so shocked that she encouraged him to try it. “He bought me a bass, a drums and a recorder and said, ‘This is what you should be doing. You’re wasting your time, ‘”he once recalled.

It was that same year when he learned that he suffered from a chronic illness: lupus erythematosus (DLE). An ailment in which the immune system attacks different organs and tissues, causing hair loss and injury throughout the body, but especially on the face.

After overcoming the disease, he recorded some songs and presented them to different record companies, although they all rejected him. “They all said the same thing: ‘He has an interesting voice, but I’m not quite sure what it is.’ And they were right because I had no identity, “he explained. It was in 1989 when his career took off with the song “Killer”. «Music changes lives. You can change people and change your perspective.

A successful career that has not prevented him from remembering his stormy past: “Everything I went through was essential to forming who I am today.”

Graduated in architecture, in 2004 he met the supermodel Heidi Klum, when she was pregnant with Flavio Briatore, and they got married in 2005. This was the second marriage for the mannequin since at first she was married to the stylist Ric Pipino. In addition to the daughter he had with the F1 champion, Leni, the model had three other children with the singer: Henry, Johan and Lou. A marriage that did not end in good port and in 2014 they signed the divorce papers.


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