The owners demand to speed up evictions if the rental market is intervened

Guillermo Gines




The entire real estate sector looks to the housing law, whose processing has been stranded by friction between PSOE and United We Can. While organizations such as the Tenants Union pressure the Executive to limit rents, real estate companies claim that the rule contains some kind of wink for the owners.

Because the lessors would accept that the market is intervened if in exchange they receive more legal certainty. It is one of the conclusions of the report ‘How would interventionist measures affect the rental market?’, Presented this Thursday by Fotocasa and the Rental Negotiating Agency (ANA). A work based on hundreds of surveys that reflects the uncertainty that the paralysis of evictions among homeowners is causing, since for 68% of those surveyed they believe that it is an ‘attack on private property’.

According to the report, the average owner in Spain is a man with higher education and an approximate age of 54 years. They are people who have a medium-high socioeconomic level, with gross income close to 42,000 euros per year.

75% of these owners would accept “interventionist measures” if the eviction processes were expedited, according to the report. 78% of those surveyed, in fact, consider that solving the problem of non-payment of rent would allow lowering the price of rents.

Along these lines, 70% of those surveyed indicate that they would be willing to support these measures If you could check the delinquency history in official databases or if the guarantees required of tenants could be increased. On their side, 67% of those interviewed indicate that they would accept interventionist measures in exchange for an improvement in the taxation of landlords.

Freedom of decision

Regarding the possible measures of the State to lower the price of rents, 36% see the freedom of decision about their home attacked and 32% have thought that their purchasing power would decrease. On the contrary, 32% point out that these measures are necessary so that there is greater access to rental housing or to avoid speculation (36%).

Likewise, 66% of the owners would agree to support the rent freeze for five years as long as they can regain possession of their home within two months when there is non-payment of rent.

From Fotocasa they have recalled that most of the homes are in the hands of small owners, and has called on the Administration to «contribute to the creation of a climate that generates trust and promotes stability to favor landlords and tenants in an equitable way ».

For his part, the general director of the Rent Negotiating Agency (ANA), José Ramón Zurdo, has indicated that the Housing Law being prepared by the Government, “if it wants to be fair and equitable, it has to incorporate necessarily the opinions of private owners collected in this comprehensive study.

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