The PP demands in Brussels that the autonomous communities participate in the management of European funds





That the autonomous communities have a voice and vote in the management and distribution of millionaire funds for the reconstruction of the European economy after the pandemic. This is what the People’s Party has requested in Brussels to ensure territorial cohesion and uqe the money is distributed directly. The PP spokesperson in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, affirmed yesterday during a debate in the plenary session of this institution that “it will monitor so that the European funds are distributed following transparent criteria and pursuing territorial cohesion and social “, for what he considers essential to involve in the process” all autonomous communities, all city councils, economic sectors and the national parliament. “

The ultimate goal, according to Montserrat, is “that not a single euro is wasted” and that the funds “reach all Europeans in the most direct way possible, to the real Europe.” After recalling the dramatic consequences of the coronavirus in loss of human life and in the closure of companies that cause job losses, Montserrat considered that recovery funds are a “quick and effective” response to this harsh reality. “European funds are to create jobs, jobs and more jobs, and offer a future opportunity for our young people. Faced with the anti-European speeches that speak of the end of a model, it is an unprecedented economic injection to create millions of jobs, reactivate our productive fabric and strengthen our health systems, “explained the popular spokesperson.

These funds, as he added, are also “The answer to build a more competitive Europe that is committed to sustainable growth and digitization, supporting its self-employed and its SMEs”. But these games, the popular spokeswoman recalled again “belong to Europeans and all Spaniards, they are not owned by any government or any ideology.” Therefore, he warned that they are not “going to allow populist governments to use the funds to squander uncontrollably, creating clientelistic networks, and assigning them to finger.

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