The radical change of ‘look’ of Elsa Pataky to return to its origins


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Elsa Pataky has radically changed ‘look’ saying goodbye to his famous blonde hair to become the «New brunette in the group», As she herself announced in one of her latest Instagram photos in which she appears surrounded by a group of friends in Australia. A very fun day in which the actress could be seen enjoying and delighted with her company, despite the rumors of crisis in their relationship that these days were the main American tabloids.

Now, his new ‘look’ is starring a vibrant light brown shade with some coppery flash, so trendy this season and that is undoubtedly very flattering, since it highlights the features of your face and the tones of your skin. “The actress has achieved a light brown tone while maintaining the natural wear on the ends, which makes her get a much more natural look”, Explain Diana Santana, stylist at The Beauty Concept Hair. The transition from its previous «Nordic blonde» to the current degraded tonality with slightly lighter roots and ends, does not generate a “Wig effect”. A change that aesthetically and at first glance is very flattering since «Generates depth and luminosity to the face», says the expert.

Your other hairstyling changes

The Madrilenian is not only one of the most international Spanish actresses, but in recent times she has also become an icon of style and reference for many of her followers.

Focused on filming ‘Carmen’, movie directed by Benjamin Millepied, husband of Natalie Portman and choreographer in charge of ‘El cisne negro’, where he shares a cast with Rossy de Palma It has been possible to see her with different styles and hairstyles due to the demands of the script in which, without a doubt, her already iconic blonde hair monopolized much of the protagonism. But it seems that the actress has decided to give a radical change to her image, saying goodbye to her blonde hair to “reappear” with a brunette who has not left anyone indifferent.

Throughout his career there have been many and varied look changes that Elsa Pataky has carried out. Melena XL, platinum blonde, Californian highlights, balayage, black hair, various copper (trends so fashionable right now), with fringe, bob cuts and even with a wig, a requirement of some of their advertising campaigns. But it is true that in recent years, the actress had settled in a casual blonde mane with highlights that gave it a very natural and flattering style.

Back to the origins

Elsa Pataky during the Cannes Film Festival in 2009
Elsa Pataky during the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 – © Gtres

And it is that investigating the files, it is not the first time that Elsa Pataky surprises with a brunette hair. Although the actress has always opted for blonde tones in greater or less intensity, we have to go back to 2009 during the Cannes film festival to see her in one of her last appearances on a carpet in which she looked brunette, with a slightly darker tone than she currently wears, but equally flattering to her face.

How to get it

Elsa Pataky It is undoubtedly a source of inspiration and influence when it comes to choosing a change of look and is often one of the most requested figures to imitate in beauty salons and hairdressers. Its current change of ‘look’ promises to bring a tail since at first glance it is at least very flattering.

Soin Repigmentant Ice Chestnut Shampoo (€ 43)
Soin Repigmentant Ice Chestnut Shampoo (43 €) – © Leonor Greyl

Achieving it will be as simple as “Apply a dye or color bath in different shades, from darker to lighter from root to tip”, explica la estilista de The Beauty Concept Hair.

Of course, the expert warns that it is a very risky change Mainly for blond people, as is the case of Elsa Pataky since “it does not favor everyone because it marks the features a lot and hardens the features. […] It is the ideal tone for people who are brunettes at the base, these are the ones it favors most ».

Will also complicated to maintain if the hair has gray hair, since in these cases it is always recommended to go to lighter shades that can hide them. “A shade like Esla Pataky’s requires a touch-up maintenance at least once a month to keep it in perfect condition,” says Santana. For it, the expert recommends also accompany the care with shampoo and even colored masks to prevent the previous blonde from reappearing.

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