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The Schools Fair to be held in Madrid from March 1 to March 12 It is committed to a more digitized and online education after 2020 where teaching was forced to reinvent itself due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

In a year in which learning in schools has been digitized and online education is increasing, La Feria de los Colegios adapts to new ways of teaching and goes digital. In this way, the event, which has already taken place in Valencia and is being held in Madrid from March 1 to 12, takes on a new dimension and the International Zone and the FP Zone reach the national level.

Students and families from all over Spain will be able to assess their options for studying abroad and the types of Vocational Training that best suit what they are looking for through a single, easy and dynamic platform, according to Servimedia.

Public offer

The Council of the Community of Madrid strengthens the bond with the Fair and provides it with useful content that helps families in the enrollment process of their sons and daughters: how the point system works, the proximity conditions of the centers, etc..

In addition, the platform integrates the search for public schools in the community, where you can filter the center by category, location, educational, secular or religious levels, and languages. In this way, registered users of the Fair will also be able to get in direct contact with public centers, while in other years they only had access to the spokespersons of the Ministry present at the event.

Vocational training

The Bertelsmann Foundation will join the Fair to advise young people on Dual FP through the talk “Five reasons to study Dual Vocational Training”, given by Juan José Juárez, senior Project manager of the Foundation, and in which you can interact live.

In addition, they will have the testimony of an apprentice and a former apprentice, the first in administration and finance at Aldi and the second in sales management and commercial spaces, who will share their experience with Dual FP and analyze the opportunities offered by this educational modality .

Likewise, a digital ‘speed-dating’ will be held in which several meetings will be organized by video call where former FP Dual students who are already working in companies meet with small groups of students to talk about their experience and that they can be advised in this regard. .

One more year, Red Leaf will collaborate with the Fair, but this time it is partnering with Centenial College and will offer Community College programs in Canada. Canadian Community Colleges are valued around the world for their long experience in providing world-class educational and professional programs. They represent the perfect bridge between the institute and the world of work, with an offer aimed at successful professional integration.

For its part, Cambridge Assessment English presents the Linguaskill, the English test that can be performed digitally from home with a reliable surveillance system. Accepted by Spanish universities when meeting Erasmus, postgraduate and graduation requirements, the test results are received within 48 hours and conform to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), the international standard for describing languages language skills. The test covers all levels from A1, to C1 or higher, including B1 and B2.

Last year, more than 15,000 people attended La Feria de los Colegios during its weekend at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, with more than 130 private and concerted registered schools, in addition to the public offering represented with a stand from the Community of Madrid.

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