«The second part has been a reality bath»

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Black night for Barcelona in Europe. One more after those of Rome, Liverpool or Lisbon, which lengthen the crisis of the Barça team in the Champions League and will generate unrest in the culé environment. Kylian Mbappé destroyed the defense of Barça on a night in which Neymar and Di María were not there. Leo Messi did not appear and the Catalan team accused him. Antoine Griezmann, who always shows his face in difficult moments, spoke to Movistar to explain what he had felt and how he saw the tie. «They were superior. They scored the goals at the top. We had a chance but we didn’t play our best game. These opponents need us to make the perfect match to be able to win them and we did not do it, “the Frenchman began explaining, who acknowledged that “It is not the image we want to give”. «You have to work and try until the last second. It was a bad game, we have to work, “insisted Griezmann, who wanted to maintain a certain optimism although he had no arguments after what we saw tonight:” We will go there to work. It’s difficult but we will not go to paris to visit“, He pointed out, while adding:” There was a time when we were better but we don’t like it. It’s hard that they make you four at home and see the return ».

Frenkie de Jong He showed himself in the same vein as his partner. Cariacontecido and head down, the Dutch did not put buts to the defeat. “I think that at the beginning of the game we were quite good but then they were superior.” The Dutchman made it clear that it will be an impossible task to reach the quarter-finals: «It is the turn but it is very, very difficult. We will try but it is very difficult. And he frowned when he tried to assess the season, in which they already lost the Spanish Super Cup: “In the Champions League it will be very difficult. We also have to come back in the Cup and we have to see what we can do in the League, “he explained. However, he did not want to throw in the towel when asked if there is a solution to this situation: “There is always a solution.”

Ronald Koeman He did not seek excuses for the defeat against PSG and acknowledged that “the second half has been a reality check.” However, the technician radiographed the reasons for the defeat: «The second part reflects the difference between the two. The first part has been more even. With the 1-0 we had a good chance from Dembélé but in the second we had a lot of defensive problems. They have been superior to us. And he added: «We did not defend well in the first goal. We were not attentive but they are things that can happen ». The coach insisted on the problems Barcelona has at the moment to catch up with the best teams in Europe: “The second half is a reality check. It must be recognized that they have been superior. They have shown to have a more complete team than us. You have to accept it and move on. We have played against a great team, with a lot of experience and who are physically ahead of us ». Koeman practically ruled out the comeback: “Turning around 1-4 is normally very difficult. I can lie to you, but losing at home like this … there are very few options».

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