The shareholders of Unidad Editorial propose to replace Fernández Galiano as executive president of the group




The shareholders of Unidad Editorial will propose to terminate the mandate of Antonio Fernandez Galiano as CEO of the group. Company sources have confirmed to ABC that this will be raised at the shareholders’ meeting held next Friday by the publisher of headlines such as El Mundo, Marca or Expansión.

Although the decision has not yet been made, internal informants from Unidad Editorial have assured this newspaper that there is a majority among the shareholders who bet not to renew Fernandez Galiano in the post. Therefore, predictably, the executive presidency of the group will leave this Friday.

As advanced Dircomfidencial, the shareholders’ meeting of RCS -the Italian owner of the company- decided by vote on April 29 the non-extension of Fernández Galiano as head of the editorial group.

People close to the company assure that this decision has been communicated today by the Italian parent company to Fernández Galiano, although they abound in that the CEO of Unidad Editorial already knew the intentions of the shareholders. In this sense, they explain that the manager will not oppose the board’s decision and will respect the decision made next Friday.

What is not known at the moment is the future of Galiano in the group, nor are the candidates to replace him.

30 years linked to the company

Antonio Fernández Galiano has been linked to the company for three decades, since at the beginning of the nineties he joined Unedisa, the then editor of the newspaper The world, where in 2004 he would become CEO. Years later, after the merger of Unedisa and Editorial Unit, Galiano would go on to occupy the position of CEO. Since he held until 2011, when RCS appointed him to his current position.

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During his professional career, the still CEO of Unidad Editorial, has also held positions such as counselor of the Office for the Justification of Dissemination (OJD), counselor of RCS Quotidiani or president of I watch TV.

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